10 Best ’80s Videos

There was a time when MTV stood for music television and teenagers would sit around and watch the ten best 80’s videos over and over again. Those same videos can be found all over the internet for everyone to enjoy. This list should bring back memories, or inspire new ones:

  1. “Thriller”– Michael Jackson. More of a short movie than a music video, this one is consistently at the top of everyone’s list as the best 80’s video, or all time for that matter. The monsters and the make-up were great, and people are still learning the dance routine. Clap. Shuffle. Clap. Clap
  2. “Whip It”– Devo. A catchy tune with a video that makes no sense. A bunch of guys with red pylons on their heads playing in what looks like a farm diorama. This innovative 80’s videos is as much comedy as the song is fun.
  3. “Walk This Way”– Run DMC & Aerosmith. A classic mash-up, the video opens with Aerosmith practicing in their studio and Run DMC trying to practice in theirs. They have a battle over who can practice the loudest then team up for a performance piece.
  4. “Sharp Dressed Man”– ZZ Top. You know this video is cool as soon as you see that classic American car cruising through this 80’s video. Its packed with hot girls dressed in tight 80’s clothing and big hair.  ZZ Top looks ever so cool with their long blonde beards.
  5. “White Wedding”– Billy Idol. A masterpiece of performance art from Billy Idol. The video plays on Gothic themes of the “Bride of Frankenstein” with a woman in a white wedding dress on a surgical table. There are also images of nails being driven into a vampire-esque coffin synced to the drum beat of the song.
  6. “Wanted Dead or Alive”– Bon Jovie. A cool compilation of what it’s like to be a huge stadium band.  Bon Jovi and the band sing, strum, drum and sweat their way through this video.  Filled with screaming fans, tour buses and good times, it make you want to be a rock star.
  7. “U Cant Touch This”– MC Hammer. This 80’s video introduced the world to a new catchphrase and the short-lived phenomena of parachute pants. Fashion aside, this was one of the best 80’s videos and the dancing was out of this world. For a long time, everyone in the club was working on those moves.
  8. “Beat It”– Michael Jackson. Another amazing video from the King of Pop, it has MJ wearing his red leather zipper jacket and signature penny loafers. He sings and dances his way through another one of the best 80’s videos ever. The video ends in a confrontation between Michael’s gang and another gang. They dance and fake knife fight through another great routine. 
  9. “Hungry Like the Wolf”– Duran Duran. Set in Sri Lanka, this video is expansive in scope. A true narrative video, it has the feel of the movie "Casablanca" with an exotic market, river and jungle locals. This is the type of action you would find in a movie and one of the reason the 80’s are some of the best ever made.
  10. “Girls, Girls, Girls”– Motley Crue. It doesn’t get any more 80’s than this. Motley Crue rolls up to a strip club on motorcycles, and the adventure begins. We spend the better part of the video inside the strip club with the guys watching a bunch of hot, half naked girls work the stage. Oh, and the song rocks.
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