10 Best ’90s Dance Songs

If you want to get up and groove, you should look into the 10 best '90s dance songs. The '90s were the best era for music in general and this is especially true for all the dance songs that came out. Get read to jam out to these ten best '90s dance songs.

  1. "Whoomp! There It Is". The best of the best '90s dance songs was this hit by Tag Team. No song before or after it has made people want to get up and dance as much as this song.
  2. "Summertime". Will Smith had countless classics during the '90s. "Summertime" was easily one of the best '90s dance songs. His smooth rhymes really compliment DJ Jazzy Jeff's awesome summertime anthem.
  3. "U Cant Touch This." It's Hammer Time! MC Hammer's most famous song lands him on the list of the best '90s dance songs. MC Hammer was able to ride this song all the way to the top of the high life, even if he didn't get to stay there.
  4. "Vogue" Madonna brings a taste of something different to the best '90s dance songs. Madonna has been one of the most iconic women in the world for a long time. In the '90s, "Vogue" was one of the reasons why this was true.
  5. "Jump Around." House of Pain had everyone jumping to this hit in the '90s. The fast pace and high energy from House of Pain brings back  fond memories in many peoples minds from the '90s. House of Pain had some other notable songs, but none of them quite reached the height of popularity "Jump Around" had.
  6. "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" "Nana na nanana" How often have you had that part of Will Smith's jam stuck in your head? "Getting Jiggy Wit It" was probably his most famous dance song and its still a good jam today.
  7. "I'm Too Sexy" The dances you do to this song might not be suitable for everyone's eyes. Right Said Fred had a hit on his hands with this song, good thing he wasn't to sexy for it. The hilarity of people not suited for this song singing and dancing slowly to it makes it one of the best '90s dance songs.
  8. "This Is How We Do It" Adding an R&B taste to the best '90s dance songs isn't just a method of appeasing everyone. Montell Jordan easily has one of the best '90s dance songs with this jam. Montell's great voice matches an even better beat and is a great mood setter for a laidback party.
  9. "Jump" The best '90s dance songs gets a second addition of jumpiness with this old school classic. Kris Kross might have had their pants on backward but they had their head on straight when they came up with this hit. Wether you could dance or not this song had everyone amped up and willing to get into the mix with everyone.
  10. "C'mon N Ride It(The Train)" Choo-Choo! The last song to make the cut for the best '90s dance songs had everyone riding the train. The Quad City DJs might have came up with the most simplistic song ever to make such a great dance song. Whether you heard this song for the first time on the radio or on the Space Jam soundtrack, you were instantly wanting to get up and chug along.
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