10 Best 90’s Hip Hop Songs

It's almost impossible to choose the 10 best 90's Hip Hop songs. Hip Hop was born in the 1980's. Hip Hop grew up in the 1990's. There is so many quality Hip Hop songs from the 90's that 50 people could compile 50 different lists. These lists of the best Hip Hop songs of the 1990's would all be different. So, how does one choose the best 90's Hip Hop songs? Easy. They close their eyes and scroll through their MP3 players and stop. Chances are, they'll choose a jam. Well, anyway, here are the best 90's Hip Hop songs.

  1. "Electric Relaxation" (1993). Created by "A Tribe Called Quest". It had a Hard 90's Hip Hop beat that was laced with smooth jazz loops. It was easily one of the best. Q-tip and Fhife Dawg ripped the microphone apart with their smooth lyrics. It was easily one of the best 90's Hip Hop jams.
  2. "Protect Ya Neck" (1993). In 2010, who hasn't heard of the "Wu-Tang Clan". Well this particular song put them on the map back in 1993. It showcased their unique samples and the best emcees from the group. This song should be in your MP3 player.
  3. "Resurrection" (1994). People from Chicago already knew about Common. After this track was released in 1994, everybody knew about him. He showed some of the most creative wordplay on a song for that particular musical time period. This track is why he's still around today.
  4. "Halftime" (1994). Truthfully, Nas' entire 1994 debut could make this list. If you have to choose one song, however, you have to hear "Halftime". Though his lyrics are gritty, he displays some of the greatest street poetry ever released to the public. You need to hear the whole album, but start with this song.
  5. "Reasonable Doubt" (1996).  Can anybody argue just how captivating Jay-z is to the youth? Well, this is the song that thrust him into the publics eye. He's been there ever since. Believe it or not, This classic song showcases some of his best lyrics ever.
  6. "My Name Is" (1999). Eminem will be considered one of the best rappers ever by the end of his career. He has the ability to jump from style to style seamlessly. He's best known for his cartoon-like lyrics and over the top subject matter. This song does it better than any other.
  7. "Holla If You Here Me" (1993).  Even if you've lived under a rock your entire life, you've heard of 2Pac. His lyrics weren't that complicated. His verses weren't incredibly long. But, this guy could invoke emotion into his audience like no other rapper ever. "Holla If You Here Me" was not only one of the best 90's Hip Hop songs, It was one of his greatest pieces. It's a call for the poor city dwellers to mobilize and get their lives together, by violence if necessary.
  8. "Shook Ones" (1995). Not only was this song one of the best 90's Hip Hop songs ever, It was by far the best song released in 1995. Mobb Deep created this diamond of a Hip Hop song. The lyrics were like murder on a track. Oh, and the deep, gritty beat and dark samples fit the lyrics. This track put Mobb Deep in the Hip Hop hall of fame.
  9. "Southerplayalisticadillacfunkymusik" (1994). Outkast, one of the greatest Hip Hop tandems, released this song. Before this song was released, no one even knew people from the south rapped, let alone this well. Well, except, of course for the "Ghetto Boys". Over the years, Outkast has grown as a group, but this is where they started.
  10. "Gimme The Loot" (1994). The Notorious B.I.G. No explanation needed. He's considered by many to be the best rapper in the history of the game. This song showcases his story telling ability and his uncanny ability to rhyme complex lyrics so easily. It's said that he never wrote anything. Wow.
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