10 Best 90’s Tv Theme Songs

Picking out the 10 best 90's TV theme songs was not the easiest job in the world. When we started looking for titles to populate this list we realized there were literally hundreds of shows with theme songs that we still hung or sing in the shower. Whether you're talking about light and upbeat songs or frantic tunes that set the stage, we've got the 10 best right here.

  1. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"  Will Smith's career was just starting to take off when he recorded this little ditty that was the perfect setting for the show. You just don't hear much comedic rap but Smith's early stuff was all a mix of catchy beats and funny lyrics.
  2. "Saved by the Bell" "Saved by the Bell" was known for two things. The incredibly attractive cast (save Screech) and their theme song. "Saved by the Bell's" theme is one that we hum today without realizing we're doing it.
  3. "Family Guy" The only cartoon show on this list, "Family Guy's" theme is clearly trying to harken back to theme songs of the 60's and 70's with every member of the cast pitching in on the song. 
  4. "Friends" The theme song is actually titled "I'll Be There for You" and was one of the first television theme songs that was a commercial hit away from its program. Over the course of the decade, there were several shows where the recording artist hit it big with that theme song, and never had another hit.
  5. "Law & Order" One of three songs on the list that has no real vocals, unless you count the gravel voiced man at the beginning explaining the show in perfect monotone. Still, the theme can be picked out by anyone who grew up watching TV in the 90's with little effort.
  6. "Mad About You" The self titled song was one of the better known of the decade thanks in large part to the two lead actors hitting the height of their careers thanks to the program. 
  7. "Party of Five" Another song that gained great commercial appeal thanks to the show it accompanied. The lyrics "everybody wants to be, closer to free" hit home on this show, considering the show was about five kids who lost their parents in an accident and were essentially "free" from their control.
  8. "Dawson's Creek" Another song who's accompanying show could be named inside of five seconds by anyone.  Paula Cole sang "I don't want to wait" for Dawson's and tried to make a go of a real career after that, but it would be her only hit.
  9. "Sex and the City" Another song with no actual lyrics, but an easily distinguishable tune for fans of the show and even those who were not devoted followers.
  10. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" This song on the list had no actual lyrics in the theme, but was absolutely perfect for the show.  The hectic tune fit the life of a girl who was trying to go to school by day, date and fight all manner of monsters at night.
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