10 Best Acoustic Covers Of Rap Songs

The 10 best acoustic covers of rap songs prove that a truly great song is one that can be stripped down and performed acoustically and still have the impact of the glossy version. While some of these songs may lose something in the translation, the best acoustic covers of rap songs are all entertaining, at least. There is just something amusing about hearing white people strum a guitar and say things like "…it's all good" while maintaining a straight face.

  1. "Tennessee." New Found Glory does an acoustic cover of the Arrested Development original that actually does the original justice. The pop-punk sound of New Found Glory adds a whole new dimension to one of the most classic tracks in hop-hop history.
  2. "Lollipop." Female singer, Madison, delivers one of the best acoustic covers of a rap song when she performs her version of the 2008 Lil' Wayne smash hit. Madison's breathy vocals add a sensuality to this song that adds a new layer of depth and simply must be heard.
  3. "Straight Outta Compton." Nina Gordon delivers a sultry version of the NWA classic that is sure to make just about everyone's list of the best acoustic covers of rap songs. NWA's raw and gritty lyrics have never come across as eloquently as they do from Nina Gordon's lips.
  4. "Baby Got Back." The Sir Mix-a-Lot cover is even more hilarious when performed by Jonathon Coultan making for one of the best acoustic covers of a rap song of all time, as well as one of the funniest recordings ever made.
  5. "Hot in Herre." Jill Sobule remakes the Nelly classic in fine fashion. This track is not only one of the best acoustic covers of rap songs ever recorded, but it also is one of the best transfers of genre to ever grace your ears. The backing vocalists add texture this this harmonica infused track that create a wall of sound that almost makes you forget this song was originally a rap track.
  6. "Boyz-N-The-Hood." Dynamite Hack landed a fairly large hit when they made this NWA classic their own. This alt-rock cover delivers all the feel of the original with just enough irony to keep the singer self-aware.
  7. "No Diggity." No doubt about the fact that the Klaxons take this Blackstreet super hit and deliver one of the best acoustic covers of a rap song you will ever find. Light drums and piano accentuate the cover version of this track, while the lyrical delivery remains sincere to the original.
  8. "My Humps." Port O'Brien takes an annoying Fergie song and makes a respectable song out of it. It will probably remain one of life's great mysteries as to how this cover is performed without the slightest bit of laughter hitting the mic.
  9. "Bring the Noise." One of the best songs from the Public Enemy canon is performed very well by Brent Runyan. This indie cover almost comes across as a classic folk song due to the stripped down guitar performance and how it meshes with the lyrical undertones.
  10. "What's Your Fantasy?" The Travis Morrison cover of this Ludacris original is sure to get any frat party bumpin', brah. The cover version lacks the pulsating rhythms of the original, but makes up for it in sheer comedic delivery.
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