10 Best Acoustic Songs To Play

Trying to decide what the 10 best acoustic songs to play are?  Look at the audience that you have and decide what they will want to hear.  Here is a list of the best acoustic songs to play that give a variety.  There is one song for everyone in here.  

  1. "Criminal" by Justin Nozuka: This is an artist many people do not know but he is an amazing singer and guitar player.  This is a great acoustic song that many do not know but should get to know.  This is a great song to play to just sit back and relax.
  2. "Epiphany" by Staind: This song took a backseat to many in Staind’s collection.  This is a song that is just plain fun to play on the acoustic guitar.
  3. "Breakdown" by Tantric: The southern rockers made a great song that is just something that anyone who picked up a guitar can appreciate.  This track is one that every musician can enjoy playing on the acoustic guitar.
  4. "Seven Years" by Saosin: The band is known for their guitars that are heavy and pumping.  When you take this and play it on the acoustic guitar, it is a track that is just fun to slow down the tempo with and hear come out of the acoustic guitar.
  5. "Motorcycle Drive By" by Third Eye Blind: This popular band from the 90’s made a beautiful acoustic song that is great to play on the guitar.
  6. "Come All You Weary" by Thrice:  This band is one that is very notable in the punk scene.  They have started experimenting with sound and this acoustic track is one that people will play on the acoustic guitar and realize how much the band has grown.
  7. "What I Got" by Sublime: This song is one of the most famous tracks from the 90’s.  Play this song on your acoustic at a party and hear everyone sing.
  8. "Through Glass" by Stone Sour: The lead singer of Slipknot has a great side project for those of you who do not know.  This acoustic song is one that is as much fun to listen to as it is to play.
  9. "Road Song" by Steel Train: This blues pop track is one that every musician who likes the blend of those styling should learn on their acoustic.
  10. "  Got To Get You Into My Life" by the Beatles: Music lover then you love or at least appreciate what the Beatles have done for all of music.  This is a great track off of “Revolver” and is one all guitar players should learn.



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