10 Best Action Movies To Watch High

Those looking for the 10 best action movies to watch high should be able to find something appropriately mind-boggling and awesome on this list. When you’re thinking about action movies to watch high, you’re often looking for something that might reveal another layer during the experience, or offer unexpected delights. Many of these movies are fairly unconventional, and they all have unexpected amusements along with plenty of surprises.

  1. “Kill Bill Volume 1” is the more action oriented of the “Kill bill” films, and everything about it is trippy and unusual. There aren’t many action movies that work this well while high, and most of the others are much lower budget.
  2. “Commando” is definitely one of the best action movies ever. It also has enough bizarre content to work well if you watch it while high. For example, there is the simple fact that the timer on his wristwatch constantly beeps when we’re looking at it. These are the sorts of details that really pop out at you when you watch a movie while high.
  3. “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes” is an interesting action movie to watch while high for a number of reasons. At the top of the list is Christopher Lambert's crazy attempts to seem apelike, and secondly, there are tons of guys running around in monkey suits, which is always a hoot.
  4. “Ninja Wars” is a Japanese ninja movie with bizarre Crucifixion inspired imagery, and fantasy moments that play out like a really trippy anime. This movie makes no sense when you watch it normally, but if you watch it while high, it’s sure to reveal hidden depths.
  5. “The Invincible Barbarian” is an Italian fantasy film with an incomprehensible plot and tons of great unintentional humor. This low budget epic is incredibly amusing under any circumstances, and watching it while high can only make it better.
  6. “Ninja The Domination” is easily one of the most amusing action movies to watch while high. It’s a mix between a standard ninja movie, “The Exorcist”, and “Flash Dance”. Watching it while high will probably make this seem like one of the greatest action movies ever made.
  7. “No Retreat No Surrender” is a martial arts film that blends a lot of disparate elements into a concoction that should work very well if you watch it while high. First Imagine the “The Karate Kid”, then replace Mr. Miyagi with Bruce Lee’s ghost. Now throw in a friend who just happens to be a master of break dancing.
  8. “Conquest” is a barbarian movie directed by one of the maestro’s of Italian horror, Lucio Fulci. The movie makes no sense whatsoever, but it is so strange that it almost makes you feel high when you watch it sober.
  9. “Speed Racer” is a big budget live-action movie adaption of an old Anime show. The main appeal here for those watching it while high is the crazy color scheme and art direction that the directors implemented, along with the low-brow humor. 
  10. “Deathstalker” is a barbarian movie with a lot of great amusing qualities. There are all sorts of crazy things in the film, and the general humor of the movie is sure to be enhanced if you watch it while high.
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