10 Best Action Scenes

Choosing the 10 best action scenes in the history of cinema is no easy task. There are a lot of tremendous action movies with tons of amazing scenes, and any list is sure to elicit a lot of disagreements. Whether or not everyone agrees with the following choices, they’re all incredibly well staged and among the most exciting scenes ever put on celluloid.

  1. “Kill bill Volume 1” has a fight scene in the middle involving Uma Thurman, a horde of evil minions, a samurai sword, and buckets of blood. This scene has everything anybody could ever want in an action movie, and it continues for an incredible length of time, constantly maintaining a sense of tension and excitement.
  2. “Fists of Fury” is not the best Bruce Lee movie. That award would have to go to "Enter The Dragon". But it does have the best Bruce Lee action scene. Bruce’s character goes to confront the students at a rival martial arts dojo, and there is an incredible fight scene where he bests all of them at once. It’s a highly memorable moment with incredible martial arts action.
  3. Many people think of “Titanic” as a romance film, and it definitely is, but it also has one of the best action scenes ever created. The sinking of the Titanic is incredible for its spectacle and its staging, and it goes on forever while constantly keeping the audience enthralled.
  4. The original “Rocky” is primarily categorized as a character driven drama, but the boxing match at the end is one of the best action scenes in movie history. It’s emotional, exciting, and a great climax to the film.
  5. In the first “Spider Man” movie, directed by Sam Raimi, the incredible scene where Peter Parker chases down the man who killed his uncle is one of the greatest action scenes ever. It’s a powerful scene on an emotional level that also delivers tons of great action. The audience almost feels like they’re out there with Spider-Man, swinging through the streets in the night.
  6. The action scene at the end of “Terminator” where Arnold won’t die, is one of the best action scenes in terms of efficiency.  It delivers tons of great tension on a less than stellar budget, and it’s highly memorable. 
  7. In “Terminator II”, there is a great action scene involving a motorcycle being chased by a massive tractor-trailer. This is one of the top action scenes because it delivers an incredible wow factor, especially if you see it in a large theater.
  8. “Revenge of The Ninja” may be a lowly film in many people’s eyes, but it has the greatest ninja action scene in the history of cinema. We get to watch as Sho Kosugi infiltrates a building full of evil minions, using every ninja skill in his repertoire, before meeting his rival on the roof for a ninja vs. ninja showdown. There is enough cool-factor in this scene alone to make the whole movie worth watching.
  9. In the years since its release, “Commando” has been regarded as one of the truly great action movies, and if you want to see why, wait till the end of the movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character assaults a base to get his daughter back, and the whole sequence plays out in a perfect fashion, leading up to a great showdown with the main bad guy. It’s one of the greatest tough guy moments in the history of cinema.
  10. Jackie Chan has been involved in the performance and choreography of many great action scenes, but the mall fight scene in “Police Story” is the best. It has everything including amazing fight choreography, great pacing, and a ton of impossible stunts.
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