10 Best Actors of the ’80s

If you fondly remember the days of big hair, neon clothes, fingerless gloves and leg warmers then you are probably a child of the 80's.  The 80's brought us some great movies, that are considered classics today, and introduced us to some of today's well known actors.  Let's sit back and reminisce about the 10 best actors of the 80's.

10. Patrick Swayze starred in the huge hit "Dirty Dancing" but even before that he had some important movie roles in the 80's.  "The Outsiders" is one of the first movies that Patrick was in and was highlighted with many other, soon to be very popular, actors.  Other 80's movies that featured Patrick include "Red Dawn, "Road House" and "Next of Kin".

9. Rob Lowe was part of the famous Brat Pack in the 80's, as are a few of the other actors you will see on this list.  Rob was known for his good looks and many people did not consider him a serious actor until later years.  Some of his most popular 80's movies include "The Outsiders", "Class", "St. Elmo's Fire", and "About Last Night".  

8. Andrew McCarthy was also part of the Brat Pack but seemed to enjoy the spotlight a little less than some of the others within the group.  Andrew had many popular movies in the 80's including "St. Elmo's Fire", "Pretty in Pink", "Mannequin", and "Weekend at Bernie's".  Andrew has also been in several Broadway shows and remains popular today.

7. Judd Nelson made quite a few movies in the 80's and was also a member of the Brat Pack.  Judd's most popular 80's films include "Fandango", "The Breakfast Club", "St. Elmo's Fire", and he lent his voice to "The Transformers: The Movie".  Judd also appeared in the music video for "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)".

6. Anthony Michael Hall was the youngest of the Brat Pack and seemed to have the hardest time dealing with the success and fame.  Anthony was using alcohol by the age of 13.  Fortunately, he was able to come back and he currently has a very solid acting career.  Some of his most memorable 80's movies include "Vacation", "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", and "Johnny be Good".

5. Tom Cruise become popular in the 80's and his popularity continues today.  In the 80's Tom was known more for his good looks than for his unusual behavior and interest in Scientology.  The movies that Tom is most known for in the 80's are "Taps", "The Outsiders", "Risky Business", "Top Gun", "Cocktail", and "Rain Man".

4. Eddie Murphy had his hand in everything in the 80's.  He recorded an album, took his stand up act on tour, was a member of "Saturday Night Live", directed the movie "Harlem Nights", and starred in the following movies:  "48 Hours", "Trading Places", "Beverly Hills Cop I & II", and "Coming to America".  Eddie is still popular today and has continued acting and lending his voice to movies.

3. Michael J. Fox was not only popular as Alex P. Keaton on TV's "Family Ties" but also in many movies.  Some of his most popular titles were "Back to the Future I & II", "The Secret of My Success", and "Bright Lights, Big City".  Today he has become a spokesperson for the study and cure of Parkinson's Disease, which Michael suffers from.

2. Sylvester Stallone became popular in the 70's but had some high grossing movies in the 80's.  Some of these movies include "Rocky III & IV", "Rambo I & II", and "Tango and Cash".  Sylvester has gone on to portray Rocky and Rambo in later years and still continues to do most of his own stunt work today.

1. Harrison Ford had many of the highest grossing movies in the 80's and was considered one of the sexiest men during that time.  A few of his most popular movies in the 80's included:  two "Star Wars" movies, and three "Indiana Jones" movies.

The top 10 best actors of the 80's, listed above, continue to entertain us with their movies today and have proven that the popularity they achieved in the 80's was not fleeting but earned due to hard work and skill.

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