10 Best Actors Of The ’90s

There are many great actors to choose from when trying to build a list of the 10 best actors of the 90’s. Between all the different types of films, sorting the list down to just 10 best actors of the 90’s was not easy.

  1. Tom Hanks. Kicking off the best actors of the 90’s with “Joe Versus the Volcano” and ending with “The Green Mile” is Tom Hanks who plays a variety of roles. From a death row prison guard to Forrest Gump, Hanks has proven his acting ability over and over.
  2. Samual L Jackson. Acting along side Bruce Willis in “Die Hard: With a Vengeance” to playing a police negotiator who had been set up, Samuel L Jackson hit the best actors of the 90’s list strong with these action flicks.
  3. Brad Pitt. “Thelma & Louise” started the 90’s with a bad for Pitt. Throughout the decade, he has played roles from a vampire with a conscience to the creator of a fight club. Pitt’s complex list of roles has kept him on the best actors list.
  4. Bruce Willis. Willis’s claim to fame started even before the 90’s with "Die Hard", the first of a string of successful action movies. His successful decade ended with his last movie of the 90’s, “The Sixth Sense”, where he played a ghost who didn’t realize he was dead.
  5. Mel Gibson. Another great actor whose career started before the 90’s, Mel Gibson gave us the basis for the "Lethal Weapon" hits that carried us through the end of the decade.   
  6. Denzel Washington. He ended his best actor of the 90’s decade with “The Bone Collector”, where he played a quadriplegic homicide detective. He worked as an investigative reporter in “Pelican Brief” alongside law student, Julia Roberts.
  7. Sean Connery. Along many others, some of Connery's great hits includes  “The Hunt for Red October”, “The Rock”, and “Medicine Man”. That lands him as one of the 10 best actors of the '90s.
  8. Robert De Niro. Any of two dozen movies could have put Robert De Niro on this list. Some of the best titles include: “Goodfellas”, “Heat”, and “Sleepers”.
  9. Patrick Swayze. After the 1989 hit, “Road House”, Patrick Swayze burst into the 90’s with “Ghost”. Swayze played Sam Wheat, a spirit who haunted a psychic to protect his girlfriend and catch his killer.
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio. If DiCaprio’s only movie of the 90’s was “Titanic”, he still would have made the list. Other hits of the 90’s were “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Romeo + Juliet”.

There is a diverse group of actors included in the best actors of the 90’s list. From action packed films to tear jerking dramas, each actor held his own through the decade, many making one blockbuster hit after the other.  

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