10 Best Actors Under 25

Want to know who the 10 best actors under 25 are? Since there are so many talented, young actors, it can be hard to choose. However, these ten show the most promise and diversity in their acting. If they have not already gotten your attention in some way, they will soon.

  1. Shia LaBeouf. Most people know this actor for his starring role in “Transformers.” It can be easy to disregard him because of this too. However, if you check out some of his older work, you will realize he shows tons of range and potential. He can be an action star and a comedian. He also plays serious, dramatic roles very well. He is easily the best actor under 25.

  2. Anton Yelchin. His most impressive quality is that he didn’t make it with comedy. Most of his roles are serious, and require the maturity of someone older. He is already on a level that many actors will never get to. He is only bound to amaze audiences as he gets older. Yelchin is clearly one of the best actors under 25.

  3. Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe is already popular, and he’s proven his acting ability. His only problem will be holding the spotlight after the "Harry Potter" series finishes. If he can manage to outlive the fame created by "Harry Potter," then everyone will know that he didn’t just get lucky.

  4. Michael Cera. He is absolutely hilarious to watch, and probably the funniest actor under 25. He won’t be able to maintain that goofy kid image forever though, but he can always expand into the goofy guy category, which worked for many other famous actors.

  5. Jamie Bell. He has been known as a promising young actor since his first role in “Billy Elliot.” Fortunately, that role won’t follow him around forever. He has a strong grasp of dramatic acting, and he will only get better as he gets older.

  6. Taylor Lautner. He’s also frequently referred to as “the werewolf.” You may be a little surprised he made the list, but this guy is a fine actor. It’s not his fault "The Twilight Saga" is dumb. At least he was smart enough to land a lead role in a surefire success. Besides, he’s definitely fighting off droves of women, making him the envy of many men. It’s just better to show him respect for it.

  7. Robert Pattinson. Yes, “the vampire.” He certainly does not show the promise of his four-legged co-star, Lautner, but his career is still rather fresh. If he finds some quality films to act in, he may not be known as a vampire forever.

  8. Freddie Highmore. This kid is still real young, but he’s very talented. Even as a child, he’s shown strong potential and a wide range. Hopefully, he will continue to keep a strong presence, and continue to make the best actors under 25 list for many years to come.

  9. Christopher Mintz-Plasse. He is hilarious. He probably won’t ever break out of comedy, but he doesn’t need to either. Plus, he’s still getting his start, and you never know what people are capable of. He may decide at some point he’s too old for comedy, and totally blow audiences away with a solid dramatic role. Even Jim Carrey, the goofiest actor ever, pulled that one off.

  10. Josh Peck. He already has an established following and career. He’s currently trying to make it over that hump from child actor to just actor. He’s clearly committed to it too because of his weight loss. He doesn't want to be remembered for his childhood roles. He deserves some serious credit for that.

Those are the ten best actors under 25. Some of them will be too old for the list next year, and some will continue to make it for many years to come.

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