10 Best Actors Under 30

As Hollywood is using an increasing number of young talents, you will not be surprised by the performance of the following 10 best actors under 30. Although they may be new to the big screen, they undoubtedly possess a strong passion and talent that will help them succeed in the entertainment industry. Remember these young faces as you are likely to see them in the coming decades.
  1. Daniel Radcliffe. Ranked first on MSN's Top Search for Male list in 2007, this young superstar was casted in "David Copperfield," and "The Tailor of Panama" before he became Harry Potter. His performance as Harry Potter has earned him six million pounds, making him one of the youngest millionaire in the world. 
  2. Robert Pattinson. Although very few people have heard of Robert Pattinson's performances except in "Twilight," this young actor has in fact appeared in two of the "Harry Potter" movies. He is recently seen in "Remember Me," and is the executive producer of that movie. He is also a great musician who plays piano and classical guitar very well. 
  3. Aaron Johnson. Most famously known with his performance in "Kick-Ass," Johnson is an up-and-rising actor who has extensive knowledge of drama and singing. Recently, he became engaged to Sam Taylor-Wood, a director and producer 30 years older than Johnson. They have a child together. 
  4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This soft-spoken 29 year-old is considered one of the best actors under 30 after his breakthrough performance in "500 Days of Summer." He made a successful transition from being a child actor to a talented one who is taken very seriously on big screen. He recently appears in the blockbuster "Inception" with Leonardo DiCaprio. 
  5. Jonah Hill. Often performing in comedies, Jonah Hill has a shining track record, considering the fact that he is only 26 years old. Hill is seen as one of the best actors under 30, and he has appeared in "Click," "Knocked Up," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall, "Funny People," and "Get Him to the Greek." He is also one of the main actors in "Cyrus," an independent film starring Marisa Tomei. 
  6. Michael Cera. One of the main characters in "Super Bad," Michael Cera has also earned a lot of compliments with his performance in "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist," "Juno," and "Youth in Revolt." He is often type-casted as a nerdy and awkward teenager who has difficulty attracting the opposite sex. As one of the best actors under 30, Cera is in fact a very confident individual. 
  7. Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Most famous in his performance in "Super Bad" and "Role Model," Christopher Mintz-Plasse is often seen as one of the best actors under 30. Recently, he appeared on "Kick-Ass," a comic-turn-big-screen action comedy. While filming the sex scene in "Super Bad," Mintz-Plasses's mother was present since he was only 17. 
  8. Zac Efron. At age 23, Efron is already one of the best actors under 30. Efron first gained his fame by performing in the "High School Musical" trilogy. He is also in popular movies such as "17 again" and "Charlie St. Cloud." He had turned down a record deal by Simon Cowell and chose to focus on acting.
  9. Rupert Grint. Widely known as Ron Weasley in "Harry Potter," Rupert Grint chose to leave school at age 16 to focus on his role in the "Harry Potter" films. In 2007, Grint was listed by as one of the twenty highest earning young superstars by Forbes Magazine. His favorite actor is Jim Carrey.
  10. Shia LaBeouf. Shia LaBeouf is often considered as one of the best actors under 30 after his performance in "Disturbia," "Transformers," and "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." LaBeouf is only 24, and has already appeared in many blockbusters, including the upcoming "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." He is an alum of Hamilton Academy of Music.
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