10 Best Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

The ten best adult Halloween costume ideas incorporate a bit of flash and sense of whimsy. Adult Halloween costuming requires a bit of thought in order to avoid looking too childlike or appearing ridiculous. Adult Halloween costumes should enhance the body shape of the wearer and be age-appropriate. Wearing a costume that looks good on a ten-year-old child may not be the best idea for a 40-year old, 200-pound grownup. That's not to say that certain costume concepts aren't universally good ideas and the list of the ten best costumes includes some classics. 

  1. Short-skirted Maid or Nurse Costumes. If these weren't one of the best adult Halloween costume ideas, why are these costumes sold throughout the year? Add a small hat and a pair of fishnet nylons, and you'll be a hit reveler! Select your career option and don't forget the ruffled panties to peek out just under the skirt. 
  2. Forgotten Man Costumes, aka Hoboes. A hobo costume is a classic and easy look to put together for Halloween trick-or-treaters of either sex. A pair of baggy pants and an over-sized, unmatched suit jacket are the perfect touch, especially in the middle of an economic downtown. It's the place where former Wall Street executives can solicit something other than investments. 
  3. Glam Costumes. Some people use Halloween as an excuse to dress up in the clothing of their dreams. Glamorous costumes are the pick of many party goers. Princes, princesses, kings and queens all come out on All Hallow's Eve. Fairy princesses, Tinker Bells, Cinderellas and movie star costumes all fit the glam costume category as one of the best adult Halloween costume ideas. 
  4. Modern Major General Costumes. Some folks just love the idea of a man or woman in uniform and Halloween party goers can add a chestful of medals and ribbons to add some flash to the costume. The more medal flash, the better. Hats are not optional for this costume. Select something large and add a feather. 
  5. Animal Costumes. Big dog, cat, or anything cute and furry. The key to making these costumes work is to use appropriate footwear. Big animals need furry feet but at the same time the costumed adult needs to be able to move easily, and safely, without the risk of tripping on the costume. Consider shoe covers with Velcro hooks to meet both standards. 
  6. Monster Costumes. Think of the film "Alien" and you have the idea. The fiercest monsters incorporate unnatural teeth and scary eyes. The best monster costumes allow proper ventilation so the costumed party goer doesn't end up in a costume sauna. 
  7. Household Animal Costumes. Oversized cats and dogs allow adults to dress as their favorite pet. Standard Poodle fans can go all out and match a costume to their dog. Cat fanciers have the choice of Bombay, Persian or Tuxedo cat costumes. This group of costumes makes the all-time best adult Halloween costume ideas and they're cute to boot. 
  8. Film-Based Costumes. "The Wizard of Oz" and "Twilight" are just two of the films that spawned some of the best adult Halloween costume ideas. Mix in an Imperial Storm Trooper or a giant Wookie and you've got a Halloween party. 
  9. Book-Based Costumes.  Fictional characters, including principals from "Alice in Wonderland," make for best adult Halloween costume ideas. Pick your favorite book character and, with a bit of imagination, you'll have a speciality costume. Pirates, a la "Treasure Island," might be appropriate for shy guys interested in breaking out of a stereotype. 
  10. Machine-Based Costumes. Robots, droids and automatons make for the best Halloween costumes in the category of mechanical costumes. Add some metal-colored makeup and vinyl shoes and you're set for partying as something less than human. 
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