10 Best Adult Movies Of All Time



What makes one adult movie better than another? Does it all come down to prosaic discussions of production value and budgetary differences? How do you rate the performances of each film’s actors: in terms of how well they “act” authentic in the throes of sexual exertion? Having a conversation about the best adult movies is second in enjoyment to actually watching them…alone, with a box of Kleenex at the ready.

The 10 best adult movies of all time include a wide assortment of different film styles, from straight sex movies to lesbian adult movies. All of these movies are great in terms of offering high quality pornography, with a lot of great sex, but most of them also have some special element that makes them more enthralling than average. Some have great stories, some were groundbreaking, and others do a great job delivering on an interesting gimmick.

  1. “Debbie Does Dallas” is the magnum opus of cheerleader porn, and easily one of the most amusing adult movies of all time. A bunch of sexy cheerleader girls decide to use their sex appeal to help their friend Debbie collect some money. Bambi Woods, who plays the title character, has tons of sex appeal, and the movie is actually very funny.
  2. “Amanda by Night” stars Veronica Hart as a prostitute, and it has one of the most interesting plots among the best adult movies. This film is basically a murder mystery couched in a porno, and it delivers plenty of wonderful sex, along with great acting and production values.
  3. “Raw Talent” is another porn with a great story and solid acting. This one is about an aspiring actor who tries being a porn star to help pay the rent. It’s gritty and believable.
  4. “Behind The Green Door” is one of the most important adult movies because it helped launch the industry. It also introduced the great Marilyn Chambers to the world.
  5. “Insatiable” is another movie starring Marilyn Chambers. It’s not quite as important as “Behind the green door, but it actually has more enticing sex scenes.
  6. “The Devil In Miss Jones” is the most disturbing of the best adult movies. It’s about a woman who commits suicide and goes to hell. While she’s there, she learns all about the sins of the flesh.
  7. “Rasputin” is a very well made porn film, and it does a better job of recreating an historical environment than any of the best adult movies. This nearly-forgotten French movie came out in the early 70’s and it deals with the sexual deviance of the famous Russian monk who was reputed to have dealings with the devil.
  8. “Sex World” is one o the best adult movies because it does a great job of mixing porn with science fiction. It was one of the first and best attempts to mix porn with different genres.
  9. “Pirates” is a very well made, and extremely funny porn movie with a massive budget. It also has plenty of great sex, so if you aren’t amused by the script, there are still plenty of reasons to watch it.
  10. “Jack’s POV 9” is the best of the point of view based adult movies. One of the main attractions is an appearance by Stoya, who is absolutely luscious in this film. It also has several other great beauties, and each scene plays out with wonderful intensity. This film is a great example of what’s possible if you mis-perfect execution with great looking women.
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