10 Best Adult Movies

Everyone has an adult movie that they believe should be in the top 10 best adult movies list. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of categories in the adult movie industry. No matter what the viewers taste, there is in fact a definitive top ten best adult movie list. No matter what your preference: if you haven’t seen one of these ten movies then you are truly missing out on what the adult industry is all about.

  1. “Debbie Does Dallas” It would be a shock if this movie wasn’t one of the top rated picks. It would be an even bigger shock to not see it as the number one pick on a large percentage of top ten adult movie lists. Debbie is a household name in the adult industry and her trip through Dallas has made it’s mark on history.

  2. “Pirates” Though this movie appeared on the scene in 2006 it quickly became a classic. It’s combination of pirate themes on sexy scenes on the high seas won it the 2006 AVN award for best picture. It’s still one of the best adult movies out there.

  3. “Taboo” The name says it all. This housewife turned MILF story takes on a twist when it pushes the card on family love. Though it pushed the card in adult movies, it must have pushed it in the right direction since it has hit almost every top ten adult movie list out there.

  4. “Deep Throat” You simply can not have a top ten adult movie list without mentioning “Deep Throat”. Linda Lovelace and her story have made it to many adult movie shelves and has remained a mainstay in the adult industry as a must see.

  5. “Texas Vibrator Massacre” This little gem really shows what can happen when horror and adult movies combine. It isn’t as horrific as it sounds. In fact this movie is as a must-see in the horror adult genre.

  6. “Pam and Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored” Many people may ask why this movie makes the list. Simply put, it was the first movie to really showcase celebrities and opened the door for other adult movies of its kind. You can thank Pam and Tommy for allowing Paris to make a name for herself.

  7. “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” This movie hits several lists for being the best classic release adult movie. If you are into classic erotica and haven’t seen this amazing adult film then you need to find it and take some time to be alone with Misty.

  8. “I Dream of Jenna” Jenna Jameson does it again and she does not disappoint. This take on the “I Dream Of Jeannie” sitcom was one of the most memorable of Jenna’s lovely appearances and a shoe-in for top ten best adult movies.

  9. “The Fashionistas” With a combination of fetish and glossy 35mm, who could go wrong? Taylor St. Claire is amazing, mesmerizing, and leaves nothing to the imagination with this top pick.

  10. “Behind the Green Door” Even though the name would leave the innocent reader to believe this is a C.S. Lewis book,  it is a far cry from any sweet novel. Marilyn Chambers makes her debut in the film that gave the adult industry a sturdy bit of respect.

You have to admit that any of these ten showcase the best of what the adult industry has to offer. Regardless of your views on the industry, each one of these best adult movies has earned their place on the list. They have set the standard for adult and mainstream movies alike, giving the viewer a full glance at what sensuality and sexuality can be. Besides, how could hundreds of thousands of viewers be wrong?

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