10 Best Adult Ringtones

With so many of them out there, how do you choose the 10 best adult ringtones? Well, choosing the best adult ringtones is a matter of trial an error. Some that you think will rock end up being duds. While others that you thought would stink, turn out to be pretty good. Lucky for you, the footwork has been done for you. You won't have to worry about wading through a sea of bad adult ringtones. The best adult ringtones are placed right in front of you. All you have to do is download them.

  1. "Donald Orgasm". Have you ever wondered what it sounds like when your favorite Disney duck gets a little oral pleasure? Well, this adult ringtone will have you laughing until your stomach hurts. Very cool.
  2. "Ho Ho Ho". This adult ringtone stars a handful of agitated elves. Apparently they're tired of taking orders from Santa. Instead, they created this little number to show him how they really feel.
  3. "Shut Up". Are you one of those weirdos that think it's cute when kids cuss? Well this particular adult ringtone is just for you. 
  4. "Heather Hunter". You all know who this vintage porn star is. Well, she's got her own ringtone, doing what she does best. She moans for about five or six seconds then begs you to pick up the phone.
  5. "Dirtiest Fart". No explanation needed for this adult ringtone. It's literally ten seconds of someone passing gas and laughing about it. You know you want this one. Don't you? Yeah, you do.
  6. "Another F'n Text". This particular adult ringtone works best when linked to your text messaging, for obvious reasons. It's an automated voice that, well, lets you know in a rather rude way, that you have another text waiting to be checked. Hey, at least she sounds sexy, like those GPS voices.
  7. "Group Sex". This adult ringtone is nothing more than a clip of an orgy. It still sounds pretty cool though. If you download this one, you may want to make sure you switch your phone to vibrate when you're in the library, or the movies, or a wedding. You get the picture.
  8. "Lesbian Couple". Here's another one that needs absolutely no explanation. A lesbian couple is getting down for a ringtone. Lesbian couples rock. You know this, and so does he.
  9. "Adult Call". This one is freaking hilarious. It's a Middle Eastern voice ranting and raving random swear words at you, trying to prompt you to answer your phone. Once you hear this one for the first time, you'll think twice about letting your phone ring recklessly without answering it.
  10. "For Adult". You'll enjoy this articular ringtone because it has a great beat to it. It sounds like a deep techno-like rhythm. But, what makes this particular ringtone "adult" in nature? Easy. It has a chick moaning rather sexually over the beat of course.
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