10 Best Adventure Movies Of All Time

The 10 best adventure movies of all time are the ones that withstand the test of time to become classic must-own films. From stories of other worlds to portrayals of a corrupt government, adventure movies take on different forms but all have one thing in common. And that is the ability to keep the audience engaged.

  1. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." The second installment of the movies about the fearless archaeologist is one of the 10 best adventure movies of all time. Featuring some of the most memorable scenes in the history of film making, "The Temple of Doom" is a classic adventure film that also helped cement Harrison Ford as one of Hollywood’s leading actors."
  2. "Batman Begins."  This dark addition to the Batman series is easily one of the best adventure movies of all time. Christian Bale’s angst ridden portrayal of the comic book hero is peerless and the action scenes are in a league of their own.
  3. "The Italian Job." A classic film featuring a great cast of British actors including Sir Michael Caine. “The Italian Job” has all the ingredients to make it one of the 10 best adventure movies of all time including one of the best car chase scenes in movie making history.
  4. "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." One of the most successful franchises in Hollywood, the fifth “Harry Potter” movie is perhaps its best so far. Stunning effects and a solid cast make this one of the 10 best adventure movies of all time.
  5. "Independence Day." One of the 10 best adventure movies of all time, “Independence Day” had everything; alien spacecraft, explosive battle scenes and light humor. Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in recent movie history is when the White House is destroyed by the invading aliens.
  6. "The Goonies." Launching the careers of Sean Astin and Josh Brolin, this is one of the best adventure movies of all time. The plot follows a group of children as they search for a legendary pirate’s treasure, encountering booby traps and dangerous criminals along the way. Released in the eighties, the film has been loved by generations ever since.
  7. "Back to the Future." One of the biggest hits of the eighties, this movie was like no other film at the time. An original storyline and groundbreaking effects make this one of the 10 best adventure movies of all time.
  8. "The Bourne Identity." An intelligent plot and great cast made this adventure thriller one of the biggest hits of its time and confirmed Matt Damon’s status as an action hero. Breathtaking fight scenes and adrenaline fueled car chases make this a movie you want to watch again and again.
  9. "The Fugitive." Tommy Lee Jones won an Oscar for his portrayal of a grizzled U.S. Marshal on the trail of Harrison Ford’s escaped convict and it is easy to see why in this taut thriller. A solid plot and great interplay between the two leads make this a must see adventure movie.
  10. "Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers." The second part of the trilogy has some of the most groundbreaking cinematography in recent movie history. The battle at Helmsdeep alone is worth watching for. Add to that, the multiple story lines and great character roles and you have one of the all time classic adventure movies.
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