10 Best Adventure Movies

Going on an adventure can be exciting, but also tedious and boring during the planning stages, so why not go with one of the 10 best adventure movies instead? You won't have to worry about having adequate food or supplies or necessary adventuring skills—just a TV and DVD player. So, here's a list of the 10 best adventure movies. Adventure!!!

1.     "King Kong" It may not be the first adventure movie, but it's probably the first one to get the formula just right. And it's rare that a movie in the genre tops it, even to this day. If you hear anybody say the monkey looks fake, you have our permission to punch them in the face, shun them, or both.

2.     The "Mr. Moto" Series You may not be familiar with the character of Mr. Moto, made famous on the screen by the legendary Peter Lorre, but you should be. These movies are Indiana Jones and Jonny Quest before there was such a thing, and thus, some of the best adventure movies of all time. Lots of disguises and judo fighting, usually involving Peter Lorre.

3.     "The Adventures of Robin Hood" Hey, this movie has the word "adventure" right in the title—it has to be one of the best adventure movies, right? Well, no, but it is anyway, with enough swordfighting, arrow-shooting, and swashbuckling to fill ten lesser movies. It's almost as adventurous as star Erroll Flynn's real life, and with 100 percent less statutory rape!

4.     "Gunga Din" This is probably the most revered of the best adventure movies, and justifiably so. It came out in one of the best years for Hollywood, 1939, and it stands tall beside the other movies that came out then. It has a scope and a scale that are impossible to duplicate in today's CGI-obsessed Hollywood, so appreciate all those real people in the battle scenes. One sticking point: The titular character is a white guy in black makeup. Good thing there's never any racism in the movies of today, right??

5.     "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" Not only one of the best adventure movies, but one of the best movies of all time. Humphrey Bogart in perhaps his greatest performance as Fred C. Dobbs, a man who gradually devolves into a murderous paranoid madman due to what we in the business refer to as "gold fever." If you think you might have gold fever, consult a doctor immediately, and for God's sake stay away from any Mexican bandits with long knives.

6.       "Mysterious Island" Pretty much any movie with stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen's name in the credits could be on a list of the best adventure movies. But this one, though underrated, is arguably the best of the bunch. Also, it has a group of people being terrorized by a giant chicken. Good luck topping that, James Cameron.

7.     "Hatari!" It makes sense that at least one of the best adventure movies would be about the exciting and dangerous world of big game hunting. And this movie will earn you some auteur stripes too, since it's one of the purest examples of a "Howard Hawks movie." Also, "hatari!" is a great thing to shout out during sex.

8.     "The Naked Prey" No, this isn't a hunting-themed porno, it's one of the best adventure movies ever! It tells the classic story of a guy hunting in Africa who gets captured by a…er…culturally incompatible tribe of maneaters and is forced on the run in the wilderness. It may not be realistic but it's a hell of a ride.

9.     "Jaws" Heard of this one? It's about a killer shark and the three guys who go on a mission to kill it in an inadequately-sized aquatic vessel. It's good!

10.     "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Indiana Jones is the archetypal adventure movie hero, and "Raiders" is his first adventure. Enough said.

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