10 Best Aerobic Exercises

No matter if its genetics, a medical condition or a serious case of couch potato syndrome; if you are overweight you need to try one of the 10 best aerobic exercises to get healthy immediately. You are never too old, never too out of shape, and it's never too late to get healthy.

  1. Walk It Off: Walking is probably the easiest aerobic exercises for a person of any fitness level. You don't need any fancy equipment, just a comfortable pair of shoes! Like ALL aerobic exercise, you should shoot for an absolute minimum of 30 minutes of walking 3 times a week (more is better). Whether it's a stroll, a brisk trot or a sassy saunter, get your heart healthy with this simple and cheap aerobic exercise.
  2. Shake It Off: Dancing is another aerobic exercise that uses major muscle groups and gets the heart pumping. There are dance classes offered everywhere from the local gyms to dance studios, as well as independently run dance programs that may be cheaper. Put on those dancing shoes and dosey-do your way into a healthier life.
  3. Show Some Jazz Hands: If dancing isn't your thing and you hate the treadmills, check out an aerobics class. The benefits of an aerobics class is the instructor will make sure your form is correct, as you sweat it out. (A tip: Hide behind the really muscular guy in the front until you figure out the moves.)
  4. Lap It Up: If you find aerobic exercise hurts your joints then you should give swimming a try. Swimming is excellent zero impact aerobics—working the heart without agonizing the joints. Remember to wear waterproof sunscreen if you're swimming outdoors!
  5. Cycle Through It: You never forget how to ride a bicycle, remember? So get back on one and bring back some childhood memories while getting some aerobic exercise. If you're afraid of getting hit by traffic, or worse, laughed at by the neighborhood kids, then use a stationary bike indoors and no one will be the wiser about how you look so young and energetic. Don't forget your helmet and sunscreen if you go outdoors; you can skip them if you're inside.
  6. Master the Stairs: Unless you always take the stairs, and you work some 30 odd floors up, your next best alternative is the StairMaster. Sure, the stairs lead nowhere, but this aerobic workout you'll get will put you on the fast climb to a healthier.
  7. Ski-daddle: If you live somewhere with a lot of snow, consider taking some skis and doing a bit of cross-country or skiing down some slopes. If you do not have any snow, then try the ski machine in your local gym, to shake up your workout with this aerobic exercise. Although this may be an exercise for people who are in better shape, it can be a fun goal to work up to for the novice.
  8. Row, Row, ROW: Whether it's that intimidating machine at the gym, a jaunt down a lazy river or a crazy white-water rafting adventure, rowing is an aerobic exercise that works the upper half of the body extremely well. This workout isn't for the weak, so be prepared to feel it in your arms, abs and back the next day.
  9. Wax on, Wax off:  If you're not much of an extreme sports person but you want some kind of aerobic exercise, try tai chi. This ancient technique combines gentle movements with deep breathing exercises and works to improve balance, posture and circulation in a non-impact and serene way. With an instructor leading the class and checking on your posture, this exercise is excellent for seniors, people with disabilities and people recovering from injuries to help their bodies heal and regain strength.
  10. Breathe Through It: If you need a tiny bit more "oomph" to your workout than the slow-paced tai chi, try yoga. This is another ancient holistic system of stretching, and aerobic exercise that increases strength through flexibility. The exercises are challenging but you work at your own pace, with an instructor to make sure you don't get locked in a pretzel-pose.

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Best Aerobic Exercises

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