10 Best After Life Movies

Although as humans we don't often like to talk about death, these 10 after life movies reveal that we don't have much aversion to watching movies concerning what might happen to us after we die. So, let's explore the great hereafter in film.

  1. "Heaven Can Wait" — In the 1978 version of this story, Warren Beatty plays a L.A. Rams quarterback that meets death prematurely, only to return to Earth as a just-killed rich man. His after life is very different than his before life.
  2. "Beetle Juice" — It makes perfect sense to see Tim Burton's behind this film. It's the story of two ghosts that contract with a bio-exorcist to rid their haunted house's new owner. Nobody is going to ruin the after life of these ghosts.
  3. "Defending Your Life" — This may not be Albert Brooks' best film, but there are a few physical comedy scenes that make it worthwhile. It's also fun to see Meryl Streep trying not to crack up when on screen with Brooks. One has to wonder how many takes some of these scenes took. The after life will be a hoot, if Brooks is in it.
  4. "The Rapture" — Usually, when Hollywood makes films about the after life, it plays fast and loose with The Bible. In this instance, however, the story follows the life of a woman as it takes Biblical prophecies literally. It's more than a little creepy.
  5. "The Seventh Seal" — This Ingmar Bergman film features that famous scene where the guy plays chess with death. All Bergman films are worth a look. This one, though, may be his most famous.
  6. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" — Ghosts are usually portrayed as creatures to fear. But in this case, a woman has an interesting relationship with a ghost, whom she doesn't fear at all. This story most certainly takes a whole lot of the fear out of the after life.
  7. "8 1/2" — This is a Federico Fellini film. Thus, you know there will be a lot of sex and weirdness. Anyone forced to spend the after life with Fellini best beware. It'll be a long, bumpy ride.
  8. "The Wings of Desire" — Wim Wenders' story here speculates on what would happen if a ghost longed to know what it felt like to be human. Shot in black and white and featuring an excellent soundtrack, this is a movingly meditative film about the after life.
  9. "Ghost Town" — Ricky Gervais stars as a man who is given the ability to see ghosts. If you know Gervais from his creation "The Office," you can well imagine the sarcastic view of the after life this film provides.
  10. "Vanilla Sky" — It's likely many women want to spend the after life with Tom Cruise. Well, for these 136 minutes they can. It's an odd sci-fi flick that may leave you scratching your head.
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