10 Best Airplanes

Even if you aren’t an airplane enthusiast, it can be quite interesting to find out what the 10 best airplanes ever created are and why they are so. Though your opinion may be different, you cannot deny the grace and magnificence of these flying crafts.

  1. Wright 1905. This was claimed to be the world’s first practical aircraft and changed history forever. This was the actual manifestation of the Wright brothers’ dreams.
  2. Junkers F13. This was another world changing aircraft that was the first plane that defied the elements and created a reliable and sturdy plane that was much more practical than the previous wood and fabric models. The first flight of the F13 was in 1919 and shortly the plane became a commercial carrier in Germany.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird. This is one of the ten best airplanes that came from the Cold War era. It had the ability to fly up to 85,000 feet high and was so fast that there were no enemies that could shoot down the aircraft.
  4. Messerschmitt-262. This one of the best airplanes was nicknamed the Swallow and claimed fame as the world’s very first jet fighter created. It was used during WWII by Germany, carrying up to four 30 mm cannon including rockets and bombs reaching speeds of over 500 mph.
  5. B-52 Stratofortress. First in service in 1955, this became one of the most reliable and dynamic as well as strategic long-range US bombers. This is one of the best planes as it has received several retrofits during the past years allowing it to convert to modern ages.
  6. F-117A Nighthawk. Developed in the early ‘80s, it was designed to be evasive to radar while carrying laser-guided smart bombs. In 1999, however, one F-117A Nighthawk was shot down during the Kosovo War when an enemy used extra long range wavelength radar in order to find it. This demonstration of one of the best airplanes ever created was retired in 2008.
  7. Mitsubishi A6M Zero. This one of the best airplanes was flown by the Zero, the imperial Naval Air Service of Japan, and was known as the best carrier-based flyer during WWII. It was also considered one of the best dogfighters due to its extreme maneuverability, as well as firepower and optimal long-range capabilities.
  8. Messerschmitt Bf 109. Also known as the ME-109, this is one of the best airplanes as it was one of the best fighter crafts in Germany during WWII. There have been many different variations and rebuilds, but this model was the best.
  9. X-15. This plane was created for NASA, as well as the USAF and USN. It flew experimental flights from the late ‘50s until the late ‘60s. It was intended to fly around 50 to 70 miles in altitude, basically on the verge of space.
  10. Concorde. In service beginning in 1976, the Concorde was a version of a brain child created by the US and the Soviet Union, with only France and Britain releasing the supersonic passenger plane. This plane could literally fly directly from London to New York with the longest range flight ever recorded. The last flight was made in November of 2003.
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