10 Best Al Pacino Movies

The ten best Al Pacino movies showcase the versatility of a man who has dazzled audiences with his tremendous acting. Al Pacino’s movies showcase the best in acting for many generations of fans. There is no cinema lover alive that cannot name at one of their favorite movies without having Al Pacino somewhere in it and doing what he does so well. These Al Pacino movies span the great career of the actor who never hesitated to push himself into so many different roles throughout the decades. Here are the ten best Al Pacino movies:

  1. “The Godfather.” If there was one movie he would be remembered for, it is this movie classic by Francis Ford Coppola. Al Pacino plays the young Michael Corleone who reluctantly takes control of the family empire from his aging father.
  2. “The Godfather: Part II.” A rare sequel is greater than the first picture and all the principals return to continue the Corleone family saga. Don Michael Corleone expands his reach from Las Vegas, Nevada, to 1950’s Cuba while flashbacks of young Vito Corleone’s life play throughout the movie.
  3. “Scarface.” Another gangster classic tells the rise and fall of Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee, in Florida’s drug underworld. Al Pacino is a tour de force of raw ambition and violence as he climbs to the top of the criminal empire.
  4. “Dog Day Afternoon.” A media circus erupts when a botched bank robbery turns into impromptu hostage situation. Right in the middle is Al Pacino’s Sonny Wortzik tries to find a way out of the whirlwind of cameras, people, and cops with itchy trigger fingers.
  5. “Serpico.” One of the actor’s best known roles based on the true story of an honest NY cop, Officer Frank Serpico. He was responsible for exposing widespread corruption in the force during the 1970’s which caused his fellow officers to turn against him.
  6. “Scent of a Woman.” The movie helped Al Pacino finally win the Oscar for Best Actor after so many memorable performances. The story revolves around a young college student who unwillingly accompanies an blind war veteran on an excursion to New York.
  7. “Heat.” The first ever onscreen pairing of Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro was worth the wait between these two acting heavyweights. A professional thief meets his match against a veteran detective who never quits hunting his prey in Michael Mann’s crime drama.
  8. “Glengarry Glen Ross.” An adaptation of David Mamet’s play revolves around a real estate office and its struggles. Al Pacino’s Ricky Roma and other fellow agent compete in a cut throat contest to win first prize, a Cadillac El Dorado, but a robbery affects each of the participants in their own way.
  9. “Sea of Love.” An erotic thriller delves into the murders of a serial killer who hunts by way of a lonely hearts column. Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino bring the heat as a potential suspect becomes involved with the detective investigating the case.
  10. “Carlito’s Way.” Going back to his gangster roots, Al Pacino is a Puerto Rican ex-con who begins to feel the pressure from the streets to get back into the life. This movie is a throw back that shows the veteran actor at his best trying to avoid the law and hustle his way out of the crime racket.
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