10 Best Album Titles Of The 90’s

Wondering who had the 10 best album titles of the 1990's? Some people like to buy new music based on catchy titles or unique cover art. If you're one of those people, and you love 90's music, be sure to check out these unique album titles of the 90's.

  1. "Metaphysical Graffiti" by The Dead Milkmen. Pop punk band The Dead Milkmen were well-known for their strange music and amusing titles. They didn't disappoint during the 90's, releasing one of the most colorful-sounding and best album titles of the decade. "Metaphysical Graffiti" is packed with strange and wonderful songs like "Methodist Coloring Book."
  2. "Smooth Noodle Maps" by Devo. Sometimes you stumble across an album that just makes you scratch your head. One of the best album titles of the 90's, Devo's "Smooth Noodle Maps" is an excellent example of this. Released in 1990, it was the band's last full-length album until the recent release of "Something for Everybody" in 2010.
  3. "Lofty's Roach Soufflé" by Harry Connick, Jr. One of the best album titles of the 90's, for those who have a hard time remembering album names may very well be "Lofty's Roach Soufflé," by Harry Connick, Jr. This is definitely a title that stays in your mind, even if it does make you shudder repeatedly.
  4. "X" by INXS. Some of the best album titles of the 90's were ones that were so simple that you just couldn't help but remember them.  Australian band INXS brought us amazing hits, neatly packaged and delivered in an album that was simply titled "X."
  5. "Play Me Backwards" by Joan Baez. If you want one of the best album titles of the 90's that reference older events, Joan Baez's "Play Me Backwards" pokes fun at the trend of the 70's, when people started believing vinyl records contained hidden messages about everything from dead Beatles to satanic propaganda.
  6. "Whatever" by Aimee Mann. Some of the best album titles of the 90's were so lackadaisical that they were funny. Aimee Mann's "Whatever" is a perfect example of this. In her debut album after leaving 'Til Tuesday, Mann delivers powerful songs that you just can't help but take notice of.
  7. "Dookie" by Green Day. One of the strangest yet best album titles of the 90's had to be the release of pop punk band Green Day's album "Dookie." Controversy surrounded how to pronounce it and what it meant.  Simple, creative and catchy, "Dookie" had all the makings of a great album title.
  8. "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat." by Slipknot. You can't help but think of the old shampoo directions; "Wash. Rinse. Repeat." when you hear the name of Slipknot's 90's release. "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat." definitely gets props for ingenuity and being, perhaps, one of the best album titles of the 90's from a hard rock or alternative band.
  9. "Keep Your Receipt" by Reel Big Fish: Some of the most memorable album titles of the '90s are the ones that are able to laugh or poke fun at themselves. This Reel Big Fish EP warns listeners to "Keep Your Receipt." Brilliant!
  10. "Out of Time" by REM: Michael Stipe once claimed that he wanted to name this album "Cat Butt," but the rest of the band didn't go for it. As it neared time for its release, they still couldn't decide on a name.  Needless to say, "Out of Time" is pretty self-explanatory, but it's also one of the best album titles of the '90s.  Much better than "Cat Butt" guys.

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