10 Best Albums to Run To

If you need an energy boost during your long runs, learn about the 10 best albums to run to. Whatever your favorite genre, there is something for everyone. Check out the 10 best albums to run to below and stay motivated on your next run.

  1. "Good Girl Gone Bad"- Rihanna. Rihanna's 2007 album features "Don't Stop the Music" and "Disturbia." While you might not want to advertise this album as one of your running favorites, it is a guilty pleasure with an even beat that is sure to get you out the door.
  2. "Stankonia"- Outkast. Everyone likes Outcast. You probably remember their 2000 album. Stankonia is a high tempo running album featuring songs like "Bombs over Baghdad" and "Ms. Jackson." You might have to skip through some of the songs, like "So Fresh, So Clean" but on the whole Stankonia is definitely one of the best albums to run to.
  3. "In Rainbows"- Radiohead. This album is especially good to run to on long, slow days. All of the songs are unique because they combine electronic with piano and other string type instruments. The album is best to run to if you want to relax and settle into an even rhythm. "In Rainbows" wouldn't be the best album to run to if you are trying to do a tempo run or speed work out. Specifically try "Jigsaw Falling into Place" and "15 Step."
  4. "Rage Against the Machine"- Rage Against the Machine. Who doesn't love 90's albums? Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut album is one of the best albums to run to. Unfortunately these band members are now a part of various lame bands like Audioslave, but check out their older stuff, specifically "Wake Up" which you may recall from the Matrix and various video games . This album will get you out the door on days when you feel like pulling the covers back over your head.
  5. "Old World Underground, Where are they Now"- Metric. If you like electronic music, Metric's Old World Underground is the best album to run to for you. Their 2003 debut album is best known for "Combat Baby," and "Dead Disco." Put this album on your iPod playlist for a short, easy run or a hilly workout.
  6. "The College Dropout"- Kanye West. Skip "Graduation Day" and move on to "Get 'Em High." This is Kanye's 2004 Album, it sounds like…all of his albums, kind of hip-hop, kind of R&B, but regardless, it is good for your everyday training runs.
  7. "Greatest Hits"- Jay-Z. This 2006 album is a compilation of Jay-Z's best work. You probably wouldn't want to play this for your girlfriend; it is another guilty pleasure. On this best album to run to, put on "I Know What Girls Like" (featuring a cameo from Puff Daddy). "Can I Get a…" is also good for running.
  8. "Full Moon Fever"- Tom Petty. This isn't for everyone, because of its slower tempo. Many people appreciate "Free Fallin'" and "Won't Back Down" for motivation. Another long run album, "Full Moon Fever" would not be very inspirational for tempo workouts.
  9. "The Fame"- Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga's debut album will keep you going from "Just Dance" to "I Like it Rough." You can listen to this album over and over again; it doesn't get old. This album is versatile and is a best album to run to for long, short or fast runs. Think Blondie meets Gwen Stefani.
  10. "From Under the Cork Tree"– Fall Out Boy. For all of you teens and emo lovers out there, put on some Fall out Boy (after you put on your eyeliner). Many people enjoy running to Fall Out Boy's 2005 album, "Under the Cork Tree." Their lyrics are "catchy" and the standard tempo will keep you running evenly.
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