10 Best American Actors Ever

The 10 Best American Actors Ever range from a number of different movies and genres in which they excelled at their part. While there are some very good actors who will not pop up in this list, the 10 Best Actors can truly act rather than being one-dimensional. When you see them in a movie, you see a character rather than the actor who is actually in it. So, with that, the top 10 American Actors Ever are:

  1. Tom Hanks – The movies this man has made are absolutely incredible. Very few times do you see him play a character which he can't make it's own. Forrest Gump is one of his greatest works which helped make him a box office icon.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio – A very surprising addition to this list. Many people see him as second tier (excluding Martin Scorsese, of course) but his work in "Titanic," "The Departed" and various other movies make him stand out as a true actor worthy of being on the 10 Best American Actors list.
  3. Mark Wahlberg – This man is absolutely amazing. His work spans over many years with mention of "Four Brothers" being a cult classic which put him back on the map. To not include Mark Wahlberg on the 10 Best American Actors list would be a discredit to the industry he has helped shape in recent years.
  4. Al Pacino – Look at the list of films Pacino brings to the table. "The Recruit," "Taxi Driver," "Scarface," the list goes on and on. His voice never changes but his character makes it unrecognizable as to who he is. One of the greatest actors of all-time.
  5. Jim Carrey – It was once believed that Jim Carrey was nothing more than a simple funny man who did jokes. Recently, he has branched out to become an amazing multi-tiered actor of different genres which not only makes him one of the Top 10 Best American Actors Ever but also the lead for the greatest actor ever period.
  6. Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has stepped out to become an icon in the industry. Surpassing any doubt whether he could make it as more than a funny man, Big Willie has shined time and time again in movies such as "Hancock," "Independence Day" and the "Pursuit of Happyness."
  7. Brad Pitt – Kind of a dark horse in this race as, although his movie record is amazing, his roles didn't vary too much. Although with memories of great performances in "Fight Club" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," Brad Pitt earns a right to sit with the elite as one of the 10 Best American Actors.
  8. George Clooney – An amazing actor in every sense. The reason he has been picked is actually due to some of his recent movies rather than older films. "Up In The Air" is without a doubt one of the most amazing movies of the last decade along with the recent Ocean's series and his voice work with "The Fantastic Mr. Fox."
  9. Tom Cruise – This was a hard choice as much of his work has been one-dimensional for many years. Many would say it is his character outside of movies which would make him one of the 10 Best American Actors however and this would be undeniable. So Tom, welcome to the party.
  10. Seth Rogen – This was a hard decision for the last spot however Seth Rogen is an absolutely amazing actor and funny man. HIs roles in "Knocked Up" and "Fanboys" and comedic genius for "Superbad" among other films leave it undeniable to not see him as a major player in the next five years if not currently. What he does in the future will weigh greatly on how he would like to be perceived in his lifetime although the skies the limit for this man.

Those are the Top 10 Best American Actors Ever and, even though nobody will be in agreement over this, there is no question that all of these men aren't great at what they do. All of them can be funny and/or serious at a moment's notice and that, friends, is the only way to survive in an industry such as this.

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