10 Best American Pale Ales

If you love the bright, hoppy style of American Pale Ales, you should learn about the 10 Best American Pale Ales. American Pale Ale ranges in colour from deep golden to copper, with a bitterness, flavour, and aroma dominated by hops. Pale Ales have medium body, and low-to-medium maltiness.

  1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Subtle and smooth with a hint of citrus. This Pale Ale was one of the American pioneers in pale ale
  2. Anchor Liberty Ale. Brewed in San Francisco, California, this beer has a clean, refreshing, flavor.
  3. Dale's Pale Ale. This multi-award winning beer delivers a hoppy yet balanced flavor. Dale's Pale Ale is made by Oskar Blues Brewery of Lyons, Colorado.
  4. Flying Dog Classic Ale. A classic American dry-hopped ale. This beer is quite popular among beer enthusiasts and was the recipient of the 1999 Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival.
  5. Ninkasi Quantum Pale Ale. This Pale Ale packs a bold, full-body flavor, with lots of hops; yet it is smooth enough drink three of four without realizing it.
  6. Ninkasi Spring Reign Ale. Crisp and light, something everyone will enjoy. This American-Pale Ale embodies a long, malty flavor that would be perfect for a barbecue.
  7. Smuttynose Shoals. The Smuttynose is just as it sounds- bold and assertive. You won't be disappointed in this American pale ale.
  8. Alpha King Pale Ale. Known for its hoppiness and drinkability, the Alpha King is not for people who need a lot of malt in their Pale Ales.
  9. Fresh Hop Pale Ale. If you like head, this is the beer for you. This beer is complex from start to finish- malty, piney, grapefruit citrus and refreshing.
  10. Hazed and Infused.  If you are going to buy a twelve pack, this is the way to go. A little light, but nevertheless extremely drinkable, hoppy and refreshing.


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