10 Best Angelina Jolie Movies

Compiling a list of the 10 best Angelina Jolie movies may not be an easy task, considering the actress has starred in a long list of films.  However, here we sift through her work to compile a list of the best Jolie films.

  1. "Girl, Interrupted"- Arguably her best performance, and the best Angelina Jolie movie, she stole the show as a sociopathic patient in a mental institution. She won her first Academy Award for her role in the film.
  2. "Gia"- Based on the real life of supermodel Gia Marie Carangi, the movie was Jolie’s breakthrough film. Depicting the tragic life of the model, "Gia" earned Jolie both a Golden Globe and SAG award.
  3. "Changeling"– The 2008 Clint Eastwood film is based on the real events of a 1920s mother reunited with her missing child, only to realize it is not her child. Jolie was nominated for an Oscar in this critically acclaimed movie.
  4. "A Mighty Heart"- This Angelina Jolie movie tells the painful story of Mariane Pearl, the widow of American journalist Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and killed while covering the war. Jolie plays Pearl, who was pregnant at the time, in a movie that was nominated for several awards.
  5. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"- Forget the real life drama that came from this film, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is actually an entertaining film in which Jolie and Brad Pitt play a married couple who are both assassins assigned to take each other out.
  6. "George Wallace"– One of Jolie’s first films, and often forgotten on many lists of Jolie's best films, the HBO movie was widely acclaimed by critics. Jolie plays the second wife of former Alabama Governor George Wallace. The film won a Golden Globe as best made for TV movie, and Jolie won for her performance.
  7. "Kung Foo Panda"– Jolie may not be in "Kung Foo Panda," but it still deserves a spot on the list of Jolie's best films, as the actress lends her voice to the animated film. The movie received positive reviews and was nominated for and Oscar as Best Animated Film.
  8. "Wanted"- Jolie shows off her tough side again, this time as part of a group of assassins, training a new member. The film earned more than $300 million worldwide.
  9. "Bone Collector"– Jolie stars alongside Denzel Washington as a cop trying to find a serial killer in New York. Jolie holds her own against Denzel and makes this thriller worth watching and worth putting on the list of Jolie's best films.
  10. "Tomb Raider"- Who wouldn’t want to see Angie as a kick-ass, marital arts heroine. This film, based on the popular video game, made Jolie an international star.
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