10 Best Angry Girl Songs

The 10 best angry girl songs span several decades and range from outraged to melancholy, furious to sexy, and fierce to bitter. Whether they’re singing to current lovers, former boyfriends, or men in general, the women on this list pack an intense punch, proving that hell really can’t match the fury of a scorned and angry girl.

  1. “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” Joan Jett and the Blackhearts explore angst in this '80s hit. Backed by a male band, Jett manages to infuse plenty of girl anger into her vocals about loving and loathing.
  2. “Violet.” Courtney Love’s band Hole released this single in the mid '90s. Whether the lyrics refer to an ex-boyfriend or male customers of strip clubs—a matter of some controversy—there’s plenty of angry-girl venom in “Violet.”
  3. “You’re So Vain.” Carly Simon’s classic enumerates the many sins of a vain lover. While most men don’t have the wherewithal to lead the jetsetting lifestyle of the song’s (never identified) subject, the bitterness Simon expresses could be true of any angry girl.
  4. “You Oughta Know.” Alanis Morissette scored an instant classic with this vitriolic, vindictive paean to an ex. One of the best angry girl songs ever, “You Oughta Know” ranges from explicit to raw as Morissette scourges her former lover on his choice of a replacement for her.
  5. “You Suck.” You’ll never think of oral sex in quite the same way after hearing the Yeastie Girls’ take on erections, yeast infections, and menstruation. With a driving, sexual rhythm and explicit lyrics, the song delivers a good helping of arousal with its anger.
  6. “U + Ur Hand.” P!nk explains how sometimes she just wants to go out with her friends, and looking good isn’t always about appealing to men. Don’t mess with these angry girls out for a night on the town!
  7. “Before He Cheats.” Carrie Underwood offers another of the best angry girl songs with this bluesy tune about taking revenge on a cheating boyfriend—and gets in a few digs at the woman he’s cheating with, too.
  8. “God.” Tori Amos goes directly to the top in this song that’s both melancholy and angry. Maybe, she points out, God’s problem is that he doesn’t have a woman around.
  9. “Anything But Down.” Sheryl Crow is both bitter and sad in this lament to a lover who’s no good. But there’s plenty of angry girl venom lurking under the surface.
  10. “These Boots Are Made for Walking.” One of the earliest and still best angry girl songs, Nancy Sinatra’s classic is empowering as well as fun.
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