10 Best Angry Songs

Regardless of what’s gotten under your skin, you can find lyrics that both respond to specific situations and express more generalized outrage among the 10 best angry songs. These songs run the gamut from despair and madness to Armageddon and vengeance. Listen, sing along, smash a few guitars and feel better!

  1. “Aenima” by Tool Rage and apocalypse join forces in this pre-Y2K fantasy about natural disasters that will leave California engulfed in a vindictive ocean. Tool calls down Armageddon on a laundry list of L.A.’s most vapid and parasitic and you might find an outlet for your anger in singing—or shouting—along.
  2. “Dear God” by XTC You can’t find a better angry song about God than this classic from the ‘80s. “Dear God” begins quietly but builds to a tirade about the many evils in the world and the wrongs perpetrated in the name of religion.
  3. “Duality” by Slipknot On-the-edge-of-madness lyrics and building urgency guarantee “Duality” a spot among the ten best angry songs. And once you’ve yelled along to this Slipknot hit a few times, listen to the rest of the album "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses" for more rage.
  4. “Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails An almost adolescent scorn characterizes this anthem from Nine Inch Nails’ debut release, "Pretty Hate Machine." Perfect for moshing, this song is the opener for an entire album filled with fury.
  5. “I’m Not Jesus” by Apocalyptica This powerful song, with vocals by Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, tackles the ugly issue of sexual abuse by priests. Apocalyptica’s accomplished musicians add dimension and complexity to lyrics that eloquently express rage and pain.
  6. “Oxyacetylene” by Cubanate This angry song from the "Mortal Kombat" film soundtrack features an energetic pulse that makes it perfect for a cathartic workout.
  7. “Riot” by Three Days Grace Next time you’re feeling powerless and outraged, “Riot” with Canadian rockers Three Days Grace. An angry song expressing collective rage, this hit might even cheer you up.
  8. “The Sickness” by Disturbed The radio friendly version of this early Disturbed hit contains plenty of rage, but the unedited track from "The Sickness" album is unparalleled among angry songs for how it expresses fury at abusive parents.
  9. “Thoughtless” by Korn Did you hate high school? Are you tired of being picked on? Experience vengeance vicariously in this angry song from a band that’s made rage an art form.
  10. “U + UR Hand” by P!nk As a guy, you might not relate to this diatribe against aggressive men in bars, but the energy and in-your-face attitude of the lyrics place “U + Ur Hand” firmly in the ten best angry songs.
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