10 Best Animated Films

The 10 best animated films of all time have thrilled us, made us laugh and brought us to tears. While not quite reality, the best animated films draw in viewers and involve us in the characters lives and adventures. In recent years, computer technology has brought animated films to a new level of quality and details.

  1. "Fantasia." Disney's ultimate creation, "Fantasia" combines imagination and the elements of magic to produce a world of wonder. Disney transformed their most beloved character, Mickey Mouse, into a wizard who animates objects and fascinates the audience. The musical score combines with the animation to make "Fantasia" one of the best animated films.
  2. "Beauty and The Beast." The classic story of Belle and the cursed prince is one that is timeless and classic. Disney filled the voice-over rolls with people who would fit a live action version and vaulted it onto the list of best animated films.
  3. "Toy Story." As children, we all wondered if our toys secretly came to life when we weren't looking. Pixar's "Toy Story" answers the question with a resounding "yes". The character development built in the movie put it on the list of best animated films.
  4. "TheLion King." This tail of an African pride of Lions makes all who watch laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters. Disney's representation of a traditional African legend makes the list of best animated films.
  5. "The Iron Giant." The combination of friendly aliens and every little boy's dream of having his own robot put this film on the list of best animated films.
  6. "The Incredibles." This Pixar production takes a look into the private life of superheroes and what happens when retirement time comes. The situational comedy and plot twists and turns put this film on the list of best animated films.
  7. "The Little Mermaid." This Disney picture brings to life the legends of mermaids and the lost city of Atlantis. When a mermaid falls in love with a human male, the audience falls in love with the movie. The soundtrack, character development and colorful creation put "The Little Mermaid" on the list of best animated films.
  8. "Finding Nemo." This movie proves that fathers of all species love their children and that a birth defect is not a handicap. This loveable tail of sea creatures makes the list of best animated films.
  9. "A Nightmare Before Christmas." This creepy creation from Tim Burton combines strange characters with beloved holidays. The overall strangeness of the feature puts it on the list of best animated films.
  10. "An American Tail." The story of a young mouse named Fievel, the tale brings the early days of America to life. The colorful take on the living situations puts this story on the list of best animated films.
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