10 Best Animated Movies To Watch Stoned

Throwing together a list of the 10 best animated movies to watch stoned seems like a no-brainer: getting stoned and watching animated movies goes together like bong hits and pizza. Thing is, not all animation is created equal when it comes to firing up the one-hitter and kicking back on the couch to feed your need for visual stimulation. Picture, for instance, watching "The Fox and the Hound" after getting baked on your roommate's prescription marijuana (he really, really needs it for insomnia. Really.)  Now, maybe you'll get caught up in the whole "we can all be friends" theme of the flick, but most likely the lack of action and visual variety is going to have you reaching for your well-worn copy of "The Matrix" within ten excruciatingly boring minutes after the opening credits.

That's why we've thrown together, in no particular order, this list of the 10 Best Animated Movies to Watch—to help you, the humble stoner, find the animated flicks that will keep you engaged and entertained. So grab your dugout, order a pizza and kick back and enjoy.

  1. "Fantasia" Sure, it's got some lame moments, but this classic from the Disney vaults also features some of the trippiest animation to ever come rolling off the Burbank behemoth's cartoon assembly line. Forget the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and go straight for the goods: "The Rites of Spring" and "Night on Bald Mountain," which feature dinosaurs and demons, respectively. Did we mention demons?
  2. "Heavy Metal" We're talking the original here, not the lame 2000 redo. Chock full of crude language, nude cartoon ladies, and an awesome soundtrack straight from a "Super Sounds of the '70s" collection, this is a must see for the stoner who longs for the heady days when sci-fi and weed first came together to make sweet, sweet love.
  3. "Pink Floyd's The Wall" Okay, this one is a little bit of a cheat, since it's a combination of live-action and animation, but the power of the Trial Sequence over the stoned mind is not to be denied: it's got a talking butt!
  4. "Akira" We still don't understand what the heck this movie is all about, but who cares? Its convoluted plot isn't going to matter to you anyway, you'll be stoned. What will matter is that it contains some of the best action sequences ever to flow from an animator's pen. This is anime at it's mind-blowing, overwrought best.
  5. "A Scanner Darkly" This overlooked gem deserves a place in any stoner's list of animated movies to see. Based on a Phillip K. Dick novel written at the height of his amphetamine induced paranoia, this film is a dark, funny, scary look into the near future—or is it the present?
  6. "Looney Tunes" Best known for being on TV, these classic shorts were actually produced to be screened before Warner Brothers features. Always funny, brilliantly animated, and wildly anarchic, these little beauties pop off the screen when viewed through a bong-prism.
  7. "Spirited Away" Any Hazao Miyazaki film could easily make this list. In fact, any stoner worth his bong-water stained carpet should see all of his films. Wildly imaginative and sometimes disturbing, Miyazaki's films will take you places you've never been before. For extra enjoyment, watch them with the Japanese dialogue enabled, and just go along with the images.
  8. "Fantastic Mr. Fox" Wes Anderson gets his mojo back with this superb animated tale of, well, a fantastic fox. The amazing characters and sets are ready made for stoned viewing, and we all know Anderson's dry, sardonic wit is always just a little bit funnier when under the influence of cannabis.
  9. "Wallace and Gromit" With three short films and a feature to chose from, the discerning pothead has plenty of chances to delve into the world of a smart mutt and his absent-minded master. Brightly colored and full of British humor, these movies are all classics. The Rube Goldberg-esque inventions featured in each installment are worth the price of admission alone. 
  10. "The Incredibles" Picking one Pixar movie is incredibly tough, but the bright colors, constant action, and Jack-Jack make this film the definitive stoned movie experience from the folks who ate Disney.
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