10 Best Animated Movies To Watch When High

Need to know what the top ten animated movies to watch when high are? Find out right here in a list that has been compiled in no particular order. When you go to the video store to rent these classic films, make sure to pick up some munchies.

  1. "Akira." This movie is pretty messed up when you're sober, but it's down a downright scary animated movie to watch when you are high.

  2. Disney's " The Hunchback of Notre Dame."  If you thought Frolo was not disturbing enough when not under the influence, just wait until you see the scenes when he is menacing the heroes when you are high. You may want to have a safe place to bolt yourself after finishing the scene where the villian announces his intent to take Esmeralda against her will.

  3. Any of the "Scooby Doo" movies. Even the ghosts and goblins are all men in sheets or costumes, the dog is most likely a figment of Shaggy's imagination, "The Mystery Machine" is an obvious reference to marijuana, these are great animated movies to watch when high.

  4. "Wizards." No, this movie isn't any better after you smoke grass. Anyone who has watched this movie knows it's fairly certain that the owners have engaged in a ritual holy to Rastafarians. 

  5. "Titan, A.E." Certain chemicals in many drugs enhance the visually stunning crystals, of course, the aliens get scarier. Scary aliens and cool visual effects make this a great animated film to watch when you are high.

  6. "Pocahontas." Drugs actually do make this movie better. Marijauna would certainly cause it to make more sense. 

  7. "The Brave Little Toaster."""" The author of this story clearly had to be on some sort of medication legal or otherwise before creating this movie.

  8. "Shrek Forever After." The author doesn't think drugs make this one better, although he's fairly certain Rumpelstiltskin from this film relaxes with a bong from time to time. 

  9. "Finding Nemo." The colors, man, the colors! The aquatic environments make this a great animated film to watch when high. 

  10. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" This honor originally went to the Disney Move "Song of the South", but the Hard boiled detective and cartoon mix is much creepier animated film to watch when high. The Song of the South has also disappeared into obscurity.

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