10 Best Anniversary Gift For Girlfriend

Deciding from the ten best anniversary gifts for a girlfriend can be difficult.  Matters of price, time, and the length of the relationship can all come into play.  Here are some ideas for ten of the best anniversary gifts for a girlfriend.

  1. Pictures.  A framed picture of the two of you together is special.  If you have access to the first picture ever of you two, you get some bonus points here.
  2. Jewelry.  If applicable, it's not about price here.  Make it personal and avoid the materialistic sense some gifts have that are jewelry-based.
  3. Whisk her away for a special date.  Surprise her by taking her to a nearby big city and plan a fun night.  Find a show or something she might enjoy.
  4. Have a night in.  It may seem unconventional, but that is part of its appeal.  Rent some movies, make her dinner, and buy some board games for a peaceful and enjoying night inside, away from everything. What better gift than a romantic night in.
  5. Plan a short vacation.  Give her tickets or part of the itinerary for a vacation.  It can be anything from an inexpensive camping stay to something much more involved and pricey.
  6. Make her something.  Write a poem, a song, or make her something that money can't buy. She will certainly never forget a gift of this magnitude.
  7. Get her a membership.  Has she always wanted to join a gym but never wanted to spend the money?  Is she an art lover?  Get her a membership to a gym or museum, or something that she would enjoy.
  8. Clothes.  Yes, you need to know what you're doing here.  If you have good taste and you know her size, preferably using this size at the stores she shops at. 
  9. Find something she likes or wants.  If her favorite musical artist has a new album, or if she has been wanting a book, you could always go with something that is a sure thing.
  10. Reenact the first date or place where you established your relationship.  If you haven't followed what you did on your first date, this is one of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary.  Or, if the place where you asked her to be your girlfriend is memorable, relive that date.  You can always use this as a base for more tangible gifts.
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