10 Best Annual Events in Austin

Austin, the capital of Texas, is a vibrant city known most for its outspoken and colorful citizens and active music scene. A college town known for its artists and musicians, Austin contains many venues for festivities, and the people come from all over Texas and the nation to take part in  this city's extravagant events. Here are the 10 best annual events in Austin.

  1. Austin Kite Festival. One of the largest kite festivals in the nation, the Austin Kite Festival draws kite enthusiasts from all over the nation. The festival starts early in the morning, as professionals set up the larger kites and activities, and by midday, the sky is completely filled with kites of all shapes and sizes. Venders, sponsors, and local eateries provide food, drink and entertainment at this colorful annual event.
  2. Marley Fest.  Marley Fest is rated one of the top 10 annual events in Austin due its musical specialty, and the colorful characters it draws to the city. DJs, live music, and people of all types come out to celebrate the music and life of Bob Marley.
  3. The Austin Hot Sauce Festival. If you're a dedicated chili-head, or just like a little kick in your sauces, the Austin Hot Sauce Festival is among the 10 best annual events in Austin for you. Hot Sauce makers from across the nation pack the venue with stalls touting their many variations of hot sauce. But be careful, some of these sauces pack a lethal kick!
  4. Yoga Day. Any list of 10 best annual evens in Austin would not be complete without Yoga Day. A very popular exercise for Austinites, Yoga Day allows practitioners from all levels to come out to the many parks of the city to practice Yoga under the direction of certified instructors.
  5. SXSW (South By Southwest). Probably the largest yearly festival in Austin, South by Southwest is a festival that takes over the entire town. Every possible music venue, from concert halls to the small stages of bars, is filled with musicians from all over the world. This famous music festival draws professional artists to bands from Japan to this most music conscious of cities.
  6. Austin City Limits.  An outdoor music extravaganza located in Zilker Park, Austin City Limits contends with South By Southwest when it comes to music. Bringing in professional name bands and artists from across the nation, Austin City Limits provides multiple stages to guests offset by a spectacular view of downtown. But get your tickets early, as the festival sells out quickly.
  7. Austin Air Guitar Championships.  One of the more quirky of Austin's festivals, the Air Guitar Championships pit colorful characters against each other in a duel of the most humorous and dedicated of air guitarists. A popular and entertaining festival, especially with local Austinites, the Air Guitar Championships makes it on the list of 10 best Austin festivals.
  8. Hatch Green Chilli Festival. Austin is a foodie town, and as such, has several food-oriented events. This festival gives homage to the popular and flavorful green chilli from Hatch, New Mexico. All throughout the city, restaurants set special menus as vendors sell and roast this ever-popular vegetable.
  9. Austin Celtic Festival.  Set to the themes of tin flutes and bagpipes, Celtic fans learn traditional Irish dances and enjoy the music of the many nationally famous Celtic musicians and storytellers that come to this event.
  10. Austin Film Festival. The Austin Film Festival draws in directors and film enthusiasts from all over the nation. Festival goers get the opportunity to screen films and even get the opportunity for question and answer sessions with directors, making this one of the 10 best annual events in Austin.



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