10 Best Annual Events In Hawaii

The 10 best annual events in Hawaii are just a few of the reason to visit this spectacular state. Hawaii has so much to offer to anyone that enjoys beautiful beaches, sunsets, delicious local food, and rich culture. Each island has a special unique feeling that makes them very distinct from one another.  If a person ever gets the opportunity to visit Hawaii, check out the best annual events in Hawaii, and experience the true meaning of, “Aloha”.

  1. The Annual Merrie Monarch Festival. The ten best annual events would not be complete without adding this event. The Merrie Monarch Festival is the so special to Hawaii. The Big Island throws this event every year in April. This week long event has beautiful Hula dancers, a parade, local grinds, and features fresh local produce. Takes place in Hilo Hawaii, on the Big Island.
  2. Orchid Show. Guys, if you really want to score some points with your lady, take her to the orchid show. Every woman loves flowers and here on the Big Island the orchids are absolutely breath taking. This event is hosted by the Kona Orchid Society. Located at Hale Halawai on Alii Drive. This event is free to the public.
  3. Taste of Kapolei.  Kapolei is one of the fastest growing cities on Oahu. Every year in September talented chefs from all over the islands will come to Kapolei at the Ko Olina Beach Resorts to entice tourists, and local’s taste buds with some fabulous grinds.  This event is on the island of Oahu. Ko Olina 92-1220 Aliinui Drive Kapolei, Hawaii 96707.
  4. World Invitational Hula Festival. If you enjoy watching bronze, beautiful woman dance the hula in coconut bras then you will want to check out this annual event on Oahu. Every year at the Waikiki Shell in Waikiki one of the best annual events in Hawaii are preforming the hula in November.
  5. The Annual Dolphin Convention. This spectacular event is so rare and truly amazing to witness. No one knows why exactly, but hundreds of dolphins will gather around in the water and start spinning in a large wheel, or spiral pattern. This happens in the first week in May. If this sounds interesting, you can join marine biologist and watch this incredible site.
  6. Concert in the Sky. Annual event on July 4th has fireworks, local food, and local Hawaiian entertainment. Join the locals and see how they celebrate the 4th of July. Queen Kapule Road, Big Island Hawaii.
  7. Kona Coffee Cultural Event. On the Big Island of Hawaii you can experience some of the best coffee Hawaii has to offer at the Kona Coffee Cultural Event. Kona’s famous harvest attracts locals and tourists to this annual event in Hawaii. It has many local vendors that will have local food. This event takes place in Kona, on the Big Island in November.
  8. Hawaii International Jazz Festival. This annual event takes place on Oahu and on Maui. Every year in October jazz artists will gather from all over the Mainland to Hawaii and join local jazz artist put on an entertaining show. For more information contact Hawai'i Visitors and Convention Bureau 2270 Kalakaua Ave, 8th Fl. Honolulu, HI 96815
  9. Pumpkin Picking Patch at Aloun Farms. An annual event that should not be missed. Pumpkin picking is a tradition for many people. In October locals go to Aloun Farms to pick a pumpkin, enjoy carnival rides, and eat some local grinds. This event is on the island of Oahu.  Aloun Farms 91-1440 Farrington Hwy, Kapolei, HI 96707
  10. Traditional Mochi Pounding for New Year. Best annual events in Hawaii would not be complete without mentioning, Mochi pounding. Mochi is a Japanese sweet paste that is a local treat in the islands. This happens every year on the Big Island of Hawaii.
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