10 Best Aphrodisiacs For Woman

The ten best aphrodisiacs for women have been given to women for decades in hopes of stirring desire. Aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, is a food or potion that reportedly ignites passion. The ten best aphrodisiacs can be made into an elixir or potion or offered as a whole food. Either way, offer it to your lady on the sly to seduce her, or present it as a sexy appetizer in anticipation of planned intimacy.

  1. Oysters are one of the ten best aphrodisiacs for women. Although it might take fifty oysters to consume enough nutrients to make a difference health-wise, the oysters, with its moist interiors, are often used a delicacy. The zinc content in oysters maximizes sperm production as well as sexual desire. 
  2. Chocolate covered strawberries make an excellent  enticement. Chocolate, as one of the ten best aphrodisiacs for women, releases a hormone that occurs in lovemaking. Well-known as a popular treat for Valentine's Day, chocolate covered strawberries offer a sensuous treat any evening of the year to get in the mood.
  3. Ginseng is considered on the ten best aphrodisiacs for women. With its bitter gingery taste, the root is considered quite potent and is one the ten best aphrodisiacs for women.
  4. Rhino Horn makes it on the list as one of the ten best aphrodisiacs for women. Rhino horn contains extra amounts of calcium, which can boost energy and support stamina. Quite naturally, it is an aphrodisiac especially for women who plead being "too tired."
  5. Honey makes an ideal aphrodisiac, and a sweet treat on the list of the top ten aphrodisiacs for women. Used in the boudoir as a sticky sweet body lotion massaged with the tongue, honey contains hefty  B vitamins to boost testosterone. Golden colored and liquid, honey can be an erotic motivator to coax women to be their sexiest for their man.
  6. Spanish Fly, the dried powder made from a crushed beetle, is an aphrodisiac that must be used with caution. Although it is one of the top ten aphrodisiacs for women, high doses can prove toxic.
  7. Asparagus is a potent green aphrodisiac  to entice a lady and one of the ten best aphrodisiacs for women. With potassium, vitamins B6, vitamin A and vitamin C, asparagus was noted to "stir up lust in both men and women" and boosts the histamines to increase orgasm potential.
  8. Almonds are powerful aphrodisiacs and one of the top ten aphrodisiacs for women. Almonds are titillating, causing a woman's blood to race or pulse with desire. Almonds, also regarded as enhancing fertility as well as sexiness, wins a place on the top ten best aphrodisiacs for women.    
  9. Avocado, another erotic "A" vegetable, can rock a woman's world. One of the top ten aphrodisiacs for women, an avocado split in half resembles a green goddess's genitalia. Serve one open faced, dripping with raw oysters and sparkling wine to get a woman in the mood.
  10. Bananas are at the top of the top ten aphrodisiacs for women. The curved and elongated shape of the banana is highly suggestive of a phallic symbol. Mix a banana daiquiri, after inviting her to peel the banana. Slowly. Erotic and sensual especially when it's in her mouth, bananas are loaded with potassium and staying power for endurance in a romantic all night interlude.
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