10 Best Apps For iPad

If you're looking for the 10 best apps for iPad, then look no further than these ten excellent choices for your use. With these iPad applications, pretty much everything you can think of can now be done on your iPad. For example, you can read books on Amazon Kindle, preview and read comic books with Marvel Comics, watch your favorite movies and television shows with Netflix, find cooking recipes based on the food in your house, keep up to date with your Twitter feed with Twitterrific, and that's just the beginning.

  1. Kindle. Amazon's very own Kindle application for the iPad (as well as the iPhone, I might add) serves as a fantastic alternative to Apple's completely brand new iBooks book store. If you're an avid book reader with an iPad, then you may come to find that the Amazon Kindle is a good necessity for your device.
  2. Netflix. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the extremely popular Netflix service has now upgraded in order to effectively operate on your very own iPad device. For the low price of $8.99 per month, you can tune into as many TV episodes and movies as you wish. Enjoy access to every movie and TV show you can think of for as long as you want.
  3.   Market Scan: Stock Technical Analysis. Business savvy financial investors now have another good reason to buy an iPad. This hot iPad application provides fantastic analysis and data, all through a very slick and smooth interface with super-quick loading. It may be pricey for $29.99, but investment is the name of the game after all, right?
  4. Twitterrific. Who doesn't have a Twitter account these days? It's a safe bet that most, not all but most, people who have a Facebook account may have a Twitter account as well. Now you can enjoy your Twitter with its very own specific application for your iPad device, allowing you to keep up with all the updates, trends, and news you can get your hands on. 
  5. Converbot. This is a fantastic iPad application that comes in handy when you need to perform different kinds of conversions on your device. It can convert everything from temperatures, speed, currencies, length, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The only thing it requires to operate is an internet connection.
  6. Adobe Ideas. It's safe to say that most people have heard of Microsoft Paint (or MS Paint). Now comes Adobe Ideas which is basically MS Paint although in iPad form. Adobe Ideas is basically a straight-forward drawing application for your iPad, a beginner one at best (a more intermediate one being Brushes as a good example.
  7. Epicurious. How does an electronic cookbook for your very own iPad sound? Why not? Epicurious serves as a magnificent iPad application where iPad users can search and find specific recipes, all based on the very food you have in your own refrigerator and so forth. 
  8. Marvel Comics. Now you can access and read hundreds and hundreds of Marvel comic books right on your iPad. Super sweet, isn't it? Thanks to the iPad's advanced technology, the vast assortment of colors and artwork never looked so good as it does here. It even lets you preview the comics before you buy them.
  9. Zillow. This cool real estate oriented iPad application allows you access to millions of various homes that are for rent, sale, and much more. Zillow offers beautiful full-screen color pictures of each home and even goes as far as to offer GPS technology, filtering options, alerts, and more.
  10. Things for iPad. Perhaps one of the biggest necessities for any computerized device, be it within the home or portable like an iPad, is the capability to take notes, create to-do lists, organize various projects, and keep track of important events and appointments. You can do all of that on Things for iPad.



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