10 Best Apps For iPhone 4

If you're looking to find the 10 Best Apps for iPhone 4, then look no further than these ten technological beauties. The iPhone 4 packs plenty of cool new features and a slew of apps which allow you to do pretty much anything from playing games, trip planning, communicating with friends, business, reading, movie editing, and more. However, the market has come to be somewhat saturated with many apps that can accomplish the same thing (i.e. Amazon Kindle Mobile and iBooks), so let's take a look at the bare necessities of apps for the iPhone 4.

  1. iMovie. Retailing for about $4.99, the iMovie application on the iPhone 4 has some of the biggest functions around. Thanks to the iMovie on the iPhone 4, you can now edit 720p HD video and do much more all from the palm of your hand. Say it with me now, "what is the world coming to?"
  2. Evernote. Evernote is a little known web service that makes it possible for you to add bookmarks, add notes, add snapshots, and among other things so that you can store it in your Evernote memory for later use. However, now you can store things on the go with the Evernote app on the iPhone 4.
  3. Loopt. Featuring an amazing handful of background and multitasking capabilities, Loopt is mobile social networking app for the iPhone 4 which makes it possible for its users to share their location with each other. It even gives you updates if one of your friends is close by. This iPhone 4 app is perfect for large party gatherings and such.
  4. iBooks. Any avid book reader with an iPhone 4 should get a hold of this beauty of an app. iBooks is an e-reader from Apple, complete with a fully-stocked company-run bookstore. iBooks even goes as far as letting you synchronize your books along with your reading and among other iOS devices as well. 
  5. TomTom. It has long since been a household necessity for all sorts of motor vehicles, now it's making itself even more mobile via an app on your very own iPhone 4. The TomTom on the iPhone 4 retails more expensive than most apps, but it can accomplish just as many navigational tasks as the actual TomTom GPS itself.
  6. Fandango. The Fandango app on the iPhone 4 makes it possible for iPhone users to check up on movie showings, schedules, theater locations, watch previews of movies, as well as purchase movie tickets on the go. There's no way you're going to miss a showing or lose a seat now.
  7. DropBox. If you plan on syncing and transferring many of your files from your iPhone 4 to your iPad or computer or vice versa, then DropBox just may be what you're looking for. DropBox is an iPhone 4 app that makes excellent use for syncing files from device to device. 
  8. Pandora. Known as perhaps one of the most popular iPhone apps around, Pandora is a music app that lets you listen to music files as well as the radio itself. Recent updates have also made it possible for you to multitask as you listen to music, such as reading e-mail or surfing the internet.
  9. Bump. Have you ever been to a party or an event where you're trying to exchange contact information with someone else but there's too much noise or you're concerned about privacy? Well, Bump on the iPhone 4 can solve all of that.  Simply open the Bump app and bump your phone against the other person's phone.
  10. Facebook. If someone told you that they didn't have a Facebook account, you would probably look at that person as if she had two heads. Who doesn't have one these days? Now you can enjoy all that Facebook has to offer while on the go with the Facebook app on the iPhone 4.



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