10 Best Arabic Singers

Music in the Middle East flourishes, and these 10 best Arabic singers top the charts around the globe. Arabic music has a rich history; the prominence of the genre has picked up around the western world as of late (such as American/European pop-culture influences the Middle East). The global culture has allowed for the best Arabic singers to be famous in non-Arab localities around the world.

  1. Amr Diab. Amr is the best-selling Arab recording singer ever, according to Let's Go Egypt. His talents have garnered much attention towards Egypt, his hom,e and popularized modern Middle Eastern music. It is no wonder he is sometimes referred to as the "Father of Mediterranean Music".
  2. Nancy Ajram. This multi-platinum Lebanese artist was once described by " The Oprah Winfrey Show" as one of the most influential people in the Middle East. Her cultural impact, best-selling music and influence in the Middle East have made her Coca Cola's spokesperson to the Arab world (as well as one of the top-performing Arabic singers).
  3. Nawal al Zoghbi. Active since 1988, Nawal's hard work has paid off as her influence gains presence in much of the Western World, North America and Europe. The Lebanese singer has been both active in social causes and pop-culture in general as of late.
  4. Maya Nasri. With her famed single "Khallini Bel Jaw" released in 2001, Nasri has been a cultural phenomenon and one of the top-selling Arabic singers as of late. Maya is the third Lebanese singer (although she is also an actress) to appear on this list.
  5. Diana Karazon. As one of the most influential Arabic pop-singers, Ms. Karazon was recognized by Queen Rania as the most successful singer in Jordan from 2003 to 2010. Although young (born in 1983) she has signed with three different major labels, making money and garnering much attention for Jordan in the process.
  6. George Wassouf. A Syrian entertainer born in Kafroun, Wassouf is a well known Arabic singer. What makes him one of the best Arabic singers, perhaps, is his long and famed music career (since 1975).
  7. Hakim. Another Egyptian on the list of famed Arabic singers, Hakim mostly sings folk music. His notability landed him the gig as a singer during the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize event.
  8. Kathem Al Saher. Dubbed the "Elvis of the Middle East", Al Saher is a representative of the Iraqi culture and people. He has been a pinnacle of Arabic singers, selling over 30 million albums since his career began.
  9. Ahlam. A popular and well-known singer from the United Arab Emirates, Ahlam started her singing career as a little child. Like many other Arabic singers of today, she has been instrumental in the global Middle Eastern music movement.
  10. Carole Samaha. As with many other Arabic singers out there, Samaha hails from Lebanon. Earning a Masters in Acting, Carole Samaha has been a constant in the Arabic pop music scene.

The best Arabic singers have a talent on them that has garnered fame and attention towards the Middle East. With centuries of Western influence upon their popular culture, it is nice to see that we have also taken a little something from the Arabic musicians out there in the world today.

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