10 Best Arabic Songs Of All Time

These 10 best Arabic songs of all time are not just heard in the Middle East but world wide as well. They were not just sung by great singers, but their melody and lyrics are just too good one can’t stop but listen to them.

  1. Quds al Atika” by Fairuz.  The title means “Old Jerusalem,” and it is one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time. It is from the album of Fairuz called Jerusalem in My Heart which was released way back in 1971. This was after the Israelis defeated the Arabs and settled in Jerusalem and the West Bank. The song is definitely among the top ten.
  2. “Ana Mosh Kaafir(“I’m not a Heathen”) by Ziad Rahbani. At number two of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time is Ziad Rahbani which is about the Lebanese civil wars throughout the 1980s. During these times, religion was used to cause a stir in the people and fight with each other. The word heathen (kaafir) means unbeliever or infidel which became a derogatory word during the wars.
  3. Khalini Shoufak Billeilby Najwa Karam. Najwa Karam’s powerful voice makes her song one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time. The title means “Let Me See You at Night.” The song talks about love that is forbidden, where lovers can only see each other at night. It is one of the most popular songs in the Middle East and other Arabic speaking countries.
  4. Nessini El Donya” by Ragheb Alama. This song, one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time is called “Make Me Forget the World” in English. It is about an extraordinary love where a person met someone that is truly perfect for him. With that, he’s going to hold on to what he has, including forgetting the world.
  5. Habibi Ya Nour el Ayn by Amr Diab. Another one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time that was released way back in 1996 is “Habibi Ya Nour” or “Light of My Eye.” It was sung by the Egyptian singer Amr Diab, one of the most well-known Arabic pop stars up to these days. The video was set in an Andalusian village with flamenco guitars and accordion added to the motif.
  6. “Tariq al Nahalby Fairuz. The title of this song is translated as “The Path of The Bees” that was composed by the Rahbani Brothers. It is one of the most powerful songs of Lebanon which evokes a feeling of sadness of longing once you listen to it.
  7. Faris Odehby Rim Banna. In the year 2000, there was the Second Intifada in Gaza where a 15 year old boy was killed by the Israeli soldiers. His name is Faris Odeh which is also the title of this song, and is one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time. It features the grief that was felt by the Lebanese during these times.
  8. Harebby Kazem el-Saher. Entitled running away, this song, one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time is about the wars in Iraq during the past 20 years which led to the destruction of a relationship. It was entitled this way since the person is trying to run away from where he is, but waking up each day remembering the face of his lost love.
  9. Dawwabony Aynee” by Ehab Tawfiq. “His Eyes Melted Me” is another one of the 10 best Arabic songs of all time. It is about two people who are falling in love, detailing how they feel. It has a great melody that is very pleasing to the ears.
  10. “El Donia Helwaby Nancy Ajram. Translated in English, the title means “The World is Sweet.” It was also played for a Coca Cola commercial that made people be drawn to it. It is about moving on from the past and facing the world with love.



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