10 Best Arcade Fighting Games

When you’re sick of playing games on your home console, go search for the 10 best arcade fighting games. These games will gobble your quarters quicker than Pac Man munches power pellets.

  1. “Mortal Kombat”- The highly successful “Mortal Kombat” series began its bloody path to fame in arcades. The game allowed to the winner of each match to finish the opponent in a stylishly gory fashion. “Finish him!”
  2. “Street Fighter II” – The “Street Fighter” series was one of the most popular fighting series in the 1990’s. Attacks from the game, such as the Hadouken and Shouryuuken, continue to live on in video game infamy. Shout them out loud. They work better that way.
  3. “Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001” This arcade fighting game pulls in a roster comprised of characters from numerous Capcom and SNK games. For example, you’ll find Chun-Li from the “Street Fighter” series, as well as Vice from “The King of Fighters ’96.” Bring a friend and a sack of quarters to this violent crossover.
  4. “Tekken 3” – In the late 1990’s, “Tekken 3” barged into arcades and robbed gamers of their pocket change. The game, which later appeared on Sony’s PlayStation, received praise for its presentation and game play.
  5. “Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes”– Another crossover fighting game, “Marvel vs. Capcom” mixes comic book characters with video game stars. Want to see Spider-Man and Mega Man duke it out? Just insert your quarters.
  6. “Guilty Gear XX” – Armed with a cast of eccentric, yet vicious characters, “Guilty Gear XX” is one of the most eye-catching arcade fighting games around. The fiery Sol Badguy heads the roster.
  7. “Killer Instinct”- Rareware is responsible for the creation of this arcade fighting game. After a successful run in arcades, the game appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy.
  8. “Power Stone”- This arcade fighting game places combatants in three-dimensional arenas filled with interactive elements. Although a bit different from conventional fighting games, the action is just as fun. Each character possesses the ability to transform into a more powerful state.
  9. “Soul Edge”– Before “Soul Calibur” was available for your home console, “Soul Edge” (or “Soul Blade” in some companies) had arrived in arcades. Fans of the newer installments of the series should backtrack and give this 1996 arcade fighting game a try.
  10. “BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger”– Although it appears similar to “Guilty Gear,” “BlazBlue” is no copycat; its cast is just as colorful, but noticeably different. The arcade game surfaced before the console versions.
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