10 Best Asian Actors

Asians make up over a quarter of the world's population, so statistically it only makes sense that the ten best Asian actors have played some of our all-time favorite roles. Portraying characters from kung-fu bad guys to criminal psychologists, here are ten of the best at what they do.

  1. Harold Sakata – It is possible for one non-speaking role and a killer bowler hat to land you on the list of the ten best Asian actors, and Harold Sakata proves it. Far and away the most famous Bond henchman, Sakata's portrayal of Oddjob will always be a highlight of the canon.
  2. Masi Oka – "Heroes" star Masi Oka makes the list of the ten best Asian actors, because he personifies what Americans truly love from their Asian television characters: an oddly cute, ephemeral grasp of the English language, and nearly omnipotent super powers. You'd be surprised he actually talks without an accent.
  3. George TakeiFor both his cool portrayal of Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek" and his killer laugh, George Takei earned his spot as a cultural icon, and status as one of the ten best Asian actors.
  4. B.D. Wong – Super serious "Law and Order: SVU" psychologist on screen, Tony award-winning Broadway singer off it. Versatile? Check. Top 10 best Asian actors? Double check.
  5. Pat Morita – He was mister Miyagi, and his kernels of wisdom alone should qualify him as one of the best Asian actors, but few realize his film career spanned almost 30 years.
  6. Jet Li – He's had his ups and downs over his career, but the huge success of "Hero" is what really established him as one of the ten best Asian actors.
  7. Bolo Yeung – He was the bad guy in "Bloodsport." He was a bad guy in "Enter the Dragon." In fact, he was a bad guy in just about everything he was in. One look at his rippling muscles or his shark-like victory grin and it's instantly apparent that Bolo Yeung is just a bad man. Over a 38 year career consisting of mostly B-movies, "Chinese Hercules" played the evil combatant who pushed legends like Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme to the limit, and that's why he makes the list of the ten best Asian actors.
  8. Chow Yun-Fat – Once labeled "the coolest actor in the world," John Woo shooter vet Chow Yun-Fat has such a worldwide appeal, the Chinese buy bootlegs of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" just to see a cameo of this member of the ten best Asian actors in a pirate costume for five minutes.
  9. Jackie Chan – All the man does is star in blockbusters. He's got a Hollywood Star, does his own stunts, and his slapstick rivals Buster Keaton, which is why he is one of the 10 best Asian actors.
  10. Bruce Lee – The dragon that entered? He was it. He almost single handedly introduced America to martial arts with his iconic 1973 film, and when he wasn't slow-motion back flipping off people's faces on the silver screen, he was doing it in real life. Clear cut number one of the ten best Asian actors.





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