10 Best Asian Erotic Movies

The ten best Asian erotic movies may just as well be the ten least-known movies. In spite of Asia's age-old conservatism, necklines are going down, hemlines are going up and Asia is slowly becoming a hotbed for erotic movies. Among the many Asian erotic movies, here are the best released in recent years.

  1. “Marriage is a Crazy Thing.” Ahhh, South Korea… home of inexpensive cars, kimchi and good old-fashioned titillation in the form of erotic movies. "Marriage is a Crazy Thing" was released in 2002 and tackles marriage and promiscuity as its main subject.
  2. “Freezer .“ Nothing beats good erotic movies except maybe an erotic flick with with lots of blood and gore. From Japan comes this captivating tale of rape and revenge. Although almost ten years old, this movie is making quite a comeback through its limited DVD release.
  3. “Audition.” Top-billed by the lovely Japanese actress Shiina Eihi, "Audition" is a bit of a slow burner compared to other erotic movies. Still, with an interesting story line, this erotic thriller is definitely worth the watch.
  4. “A Good Lawyer's Wife.” Yet another South Korean offering, the movie deals with the traumas of a failing marriage. Although it has a very Asian feel, the themes are universal.
  5. “The Family That Eats Dirt.” From the mind of the renegade Filipino filmmaker, Khavn comes this extremely bizarre production. The movie is incredibly strange and is definitely not for everyone. Those adventurous enough to try it may be treated to a unique experience that would surely shock your senses. If you don't like it, simply skip to the sex scenes and enjoy.
  6. “The Wayward Cloud.” A gem of a film from Taiwan, this 2005 release uses elements of comedy, drama and erotica to create a musical based on the exploits of an adult movie actor. Starring Lee Kang-Sheng, the film created some controversy in the local movie scene which ultimately stirred some interest, resulting in some modest box-office gains.
  7. “Platonic Sex.” With Aoi (played by Kagami Saki) gang-raped by her classmates and subsequently beaten by her father who blamed her for the tragedy, she contemplates suicide standing atop a building. A seemingly wayward text message on her cell phone from a stranger named Toshi brings her back to her senses and gives her hope. Based on the international best-selling biography by the famous AV (pornography) actress Ai Iijima, "Platonic Sex" should be on everyone's short list of must see erotic movies.
  8. “Blood.” Although it feels more like a horror film with erotic elements, Blood is a film that certainly captivates audiences. Characters are well fleshed out and the plot keeps viewers on their toes. Having the statuesque Sugimoto Aya in the lead role helps a lot of course. This is one of the best erotic movies with a horror slant.
  9. “Help Me, Eros.” Another one in Taiwan's long list of Asian erotic movies, "Help Me, Eros" gives viewers a peek into the life of director Lee Kang-Sheng. This autobiographical story even won the Grand Prix Asturias award in the Gijón International Film Festival for Best Feature.
  10. “Lover.” Perhaps the best among Asian erotic movies, "Lover" is about a bride-to-be that succumbs to her temptations and sleeps with a handsome stranger. The film also tackles the aftermath of her decision.
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