10 Best Asian Lesbian Sex Scenes

Looking for the 10 best Asian Lesbian sex scenes? Look no further as this list chronicles all the best Asian lesbian sex scenes.

  1. Joan Chen in “Wild Side.” The best sex scene with this Asian beauty is curiously intense as Anne Heche, pre-Ellen, awkwardly seduces Chen. Chen, who had been flirted with Heche, doesn’t seem to mind as the very next scene illustrates the two women taking turns to see who can be on top.                     
  2. Julia Ling from “ER (ep: ‘I Don’t’).” Known for her appearance on such geek shows as “Chuck” and “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip,” it was a bit of surprise to see sexy Asian Ling in this episode of the hit medical drama coyly getting a kiss out of Parminder Nagra. But in that one kiss, lay so much sexual promise between these lesbian wannabes.
  3. Lynn Chen in “Saving Face.” A little look here, a hinting touch and the hand there and it’s not long before these two Asian lesbians can’t wait to strip off their clothes and go at it. There is just something about watching another woman lick another woman’s nipple that can turn even the most disinterested person on.
  4. Tila Tequlia and friends. There had been rumors for months in late 2010 that Tila Tequila was shopping a sex tape around, but once it broke in early 2011, it was a bit of a surprise that the sex scenes of this Asian lesbian were with other women. Not that anyone complained.
  5. Sung Hi Lee in “The Girl Next Door”. She may have just been playing an Asian lesbian porn star, but her sex scenes with her thought-to-be-straight-costar were just too hot to handle. If only real life worked the same way.
  6. Hikaru Wakana in “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks.” Regarded as a well-known TV personality, she took her fame to new heights with this movie, based on a book by the same name. The reason this scene is so hot is while it starts out as a sexy scene with her character’s boyfriend, it winds up as a foursome with another guy and girl and it turns into quite the great little Asian lesbian sex scene as Wakana takes more of an interest in her female companion than her male one.
  7. Avi Siwa in “Co-ed Scandal.” Openly bisexual in real-life, Siwa knows how to bring her love of women to the big screen as she proved with this hit. Siwa plays the role of Miles, a willing accomplice of Leo, who is trying to get his girlfriend to make a dirty movie with him. As it turns out, Siwa’s character is able to convince the girlfriend in a hot Asian lesbian sex scene that she may be playing for the wrong team.
  8. Kaera Uehara in “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks.” The other half of the Hikaru Wakana Asian lesbian sex scene, Uehara is what makes it all happen. She takes this romantic interlude and injects it with some nasty muff on muff action and turns the whole thing around.
  9. Minako Komukai in “Hana to hebi 3(a.k.a. Flower & Snake 3).” The only actual softcore movie on the list, the surprisingly busty Komykai plays a woman obsessed with exploring her darker fantasies of bondage and submission. Tied up alone in a room with another woman, this Asian lesbian sex scene gets very hot, very quickly.
  10. Teanna Kai in “Thrills (ep: ‘The Ultimate Companion’).” Teanna is just settling in for a nice bubble bath when along comes a very hot busty young blonde who wants to join. What’s not to like about that? Especially when it very quickly turns into a great Asian lesbian sex scene.  
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