10 Best Australian Female Singers

If you think the 10 best Australian female singers are just known in their native country, think again. Perhaps some may not know them but watch out, these artists are unstoppable as they are rising into fame. It’s amazing how they had their unique stories that actually made them have fans and supporters worldwide.

  1. Tina Arena – At seven years old, Tina Arena started her career with “Young Talent Time,” a variety show in Australia. In 1990’s, she had several albums that made her popular in the world. She performed for the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney. As an international diva, Tina Arena’s songs were mostly about love and her most popular song until now is “Burn.” She continues to be one of the best selling Australian female singers in the world.
  2. Abby Dobson – At a young age, Abby Dobson already developed a special kind of love with music. She always had that curious initiative to learn about chords. As the lead singer of Leonardo’s Bride, she recorded great hits with the band that also made some “Top 20 Australian Songs of all Time.” In 2007, Abby Dobson released the album “Rise Up” as a solo singer whom Australia takes pride in.
  3. Delta Goodrem – At 25, Delta Goodrem has now become one of the best Australian female singers. During her childhood, she already had great skills in playing the piano. It was also then that she dreamt of being a singer someday. She has lived her dreams that actually came true. It was in 2008 when she had an album (Delta) for the US market. From that day forward, Delta Goodrem has been known internationally for her inspiring vocal style.
  4. Katie Noonan – Singer and songwriter Katie Noonan is the daughter of opera singer Maggie Noonan. With her brother Tyrone Noonan, she founded the band “George.” She’s currently focusing on her solo career wherein she amazingly covers pop, jazz, rock, dance, and even opera.
  5. Deni Hines – Deni Hines is not only considered as a great singer but a stunning multifaceted entertainer.  Singing career started for her when she was 15 years old. Surprisingly, she discovered that she could also do theater and sing at the same time. She played the role of Mary Magdalene in “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Until now, Deni Hines has become one of the best female Australian singers performing in TV shows, musicals, concerts, and so on.
  6. Kylie Mynogue – In the 1980’s Kylie Mynogue had the greatest Australian single with her remake of the 1962 “Locomotion.” She wasn’t just popular in Australia then but also in Europe where she was awarded with numerous gold and platinum discs. She performed during the Sydney Olympics 2000. Kylie Mynogue never stopped in giving excitement to her fans over the world. Her contribution in pop and dance is matchless and that makes her one of the best Australian female singers who is renowned worldwide.
  7. Natalie Imbruglia – It was in 1997 when Natalie Imbruglia’s international hit, “Torn,” was being played by radio stations everywhere.  MTV awarded her as the “Best New Artist” in 1998 and sold over nine million albums. Natalie Imbruglia’s vocal style that has a mixture of alternative-rock and pop.
  8. Missy Higgins – Missy Higgins started recording albums in 2003 with “The Missy Higgins EP.” She currently has twenty albums which all reflect her life, career, love, and of course, her passion for music.
  9. Sarah Blasko – Sarah Blasko started her solo singing career in 2002 when she also decided to write some of the songs. She has toured all over Australia and other countries including, US, UK, and Canada. She had fourteen nominations and two awards from Australian Recording Industry Association.
  10. Lisa Mitchell – In 2009, Lisa Mitchell could have been the happiest singer for three ARIA nominations and for her UK contract with Sony Music. She started to have a connection with the guitar when she was twelve. Although she’s just starting her career, we cannot doubt that her progress as a young artist is making her one of the best Australian female singers in the genres of folk, rock, and acoustic.
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