10 Best Automatic Paintball Markers

These 10 best automatic paintball markers are all elite markers that will help you shoot with accuracy and precision. They are extremely versatile, capable at helping you succeed in any situation. If you are looking for the top of the line, than look no further than these 10 markers.

  1. T-Storm Semi Automatic Paintball Marker: This marker can be purchased with a kit that includes everything you need to be prepared while shooting (mask, squeegee, barrel plug). The marker itself is a high-quality durable marker that is lightweight and has double trigger action. This marker truly is phenomenal, it won't disappoint you while shooting.
  2. Kingman Spyder MR4 Military Sims paintball Marker: This automatic marker can shoot up to 1,800 paintballs with smooth precision. It has an authentic military aesthetic that makes it both stylish and powerful. You're skills will be much improved taking advantage of this marker with such a great "EKO" valve system and a unique muzzle break.
  3. Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical Marker: This marker has three shooting modes: semi auto, three shot mode, and full safety auto. Such versatile options coupled with a high performance barrel makes this the ideal paintball marker. With a removable magazine and large carry handle, it is designed to give you everything you need while shooting.
  4. Tippmann X7 Electro PHENOM Marker: This gun is truly a top-tier automatic marker. It is both compact and lightweight, operating below 300 psi. The features of this gun are unique, designed to give you ultimate precision in this durable marker. It is even designed with fewer parts to make maintenance simple and affordable.
  5. M4 M16 Airsoft Double Eagle Full Auto Rifle: This marker is truly exceptional – a full scale replica of a M4 rifle. With a 240 fps velocity and the 3 selection switch gives you ultimate control when shooting. It you're looking for a gun that looks serious and has exceptional shooting accuracy, than this is the paintball marker for you.
  6. T68 SOF Paintball Marker: This .68 caliber paintball gun is lightweight and can be upgraded from semi-automatic to full automatic. It has an impressive 300 feet range and up to 325 fps velocity. It truly is one of its kind, a paintball marker you won't regret buying.
  7. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Marker: With an 8.5" quick thread barrel and .68 caliber receiver, this gun gives you everything you need to shoot with accuracy and power. The gun itself is a semi-automatic aluminum cast – making this a marker you'll be sure to use for years. The features on this marker are quite unique, made to give you comfort and ease when shooting.
  8. Piranha Semi-automatic Gti Paintball marker: This marker has a great design with a muzzle break and an interchangeable threaded barrel. It shoots an outstanding 12 shots per second, giving you everything you'll need to make every shot. The Piranha is an impressive gun that will definitely help you improve.
  9. Tippmann A5 Automatic Weapon Marker: This gun may have a high price, but it's worth every penny for the high quality this marker is giving you. It is one of the best paintball markers ever to be made, with a cyclone feeding chamber that gives you fast feeding and fast shooting. You won't be disappointed by this high velocity, high precision marker.
  10. RAP4 Commando Sniper: This paintball marker is truly one of the best automatic markers to be created. It features an all-metal body for durability and has a 200 round hopper adapter. It is capable of shooting with unmatched precision, giving you everything you'll need to succeed.
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