10 Best AWD Sedans

If you are looking for a great all-wheel drive sedan but are confused by all of the choices, it is a good idea to investigate the 10 best AWD sedans on the market. Many consider an all-wheel drive sedan to be an ideal car which combines the stable feeling of sensing every turn and movement of the automobile while having the space and comfort characteristic of a sedan. The following is a list of 10 AWD Sedans worth finding out more about and even test driving.

  1. Ford Fusion VS SE AWD. This midsize sedan has a strong, sturdy platform and sharp steering. It provides a secure driving feeling even in the most inclement conditions and runs on a modest 3.0 liter 221-horsepower V6 engine, along with a 6 speed automatic gearbox. One feature drivers especially like is the quadruple windshield washer nozzles.
  2. Mercury Milan AWD. This is the Ford Fusion's virtual twin and is the first car of its kind to come out of Mercury for nearly ten years. Its sleek design is meant to grab the attention of younger drivers who want to impress with their cars. The elegant leather seating and comfortable legroom make this car a pleasure to drive or ride in.
  3. Subaru Legacy. This car was redesigned in 2010 and is a fifth-generation AWD sedan for Subaru, which has recently made virtually all of its cars all-wheel drive for better handling. The Legacy came on the scene in 2008 as a more advanced sedan and has been setting the standard in style and handling ever since.
  4. Acura RL. While this car is not selling as well as many of its competitors, it sets the standard for winter driving. The Acura's all-wheel drive system keeps shifting driving torque onto the wheels, and this constant shifting makes the Acura RL a car that is safe to drive even in the most challenging conditions. The engine is a 2.7 liter 300 horsepower V6 engine with a 5 speed automatic gearbox. The car goes from zero to 60 mph in seven seconds.
  5. Lexus GS 350 AWD. This car has been around since 1993 and has been revamped many times. Its most recent version, put out in 2008, replaced the 450 to a 460 to reflect the 4.6 liter engine displacement.
  6. Volvo S80 T6 AWD. This car debuted in 1999 as the AWD sedan which is the ultimate in safety, and was re-released in 2007 with improved features. The car has a whiplash protection system and a special curtain designed to provide maximum protection in side collisions. The 2007 version also provided more space with a longer wheelback and track and a tall and long design. the S80 is powered on V8 and six cylinder engine.
  7. Audi A4 Quattro. This car got Audi out of its slump when it was released in the mid-90s with its sleek, masculine design and smooth handling of an all-wheel drive. The car runs on a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine with 211 horsepower. Customers looking for special features can choose between Premium, Premium Plus and top-of-the-line Prestige.
  8. Subaru GT Limited. This car drives well,  is very fuel efficient and had a simple, elegant, no-nonsense appearance. What the car lacks in its in-cabin special tech features it makes up for in efficiency and smooth driving.
  9. Mercedes Benz 5 class. You will know why Janis Joplin prayed for a Mercedes Benz when you drive this car. Its smooth, expert all-wheel drive handling and head-turning classy design makes it clear why this car is simply top-of-the-line
  10. BMW 5 Series. Not to be outdone by its cousin, Mercedes, BMW is in its fifth generation of all-wheel drive sedans which are known for their smooth handling on the road and prestigious luxury design.
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