10 Best Axl Rose Quotes

If  you're a Guns N' Roses fan, chances are that you'll be interested in this list of the 10 best Axl Rose quotes. Axl is known for his amazing lyrics, but people are often surprised by what he says when he's not belting out great tunes like "Sweet Child O' Mine." If you're interested in some of the best Axl Rose quotes, give these a read through as he discusses some of the topics that are close to him.

  1. On privacy. This is one of the best Axl Rose quotes about privacy and it tends to hold true for just about anyone. "I like to be real private; you don't always want everyone around you – even when they like you."
  2. On grunge. "I really liked the Seattle movement." While a very short and simple statement, this is one of the best Axl Rose quotes in regards to his musical preferences and how he felt about grunge in the '90s. It's also nice to see it referred to as the Seattle movement, giving tribute to the city that birthed this creative music style.
  3. On friendship and love. If you're looking for Axl Rose quotes about friendship or love, you might be interested in this one. "Sometimes your friends are your lovers, or have been at one time." Very true, Axl.
  4. On music composition. One of the best Axl Rose quotes about how he composes his music and the order in which he does so, Axl Rose says, "I write the vocals last, because I wanted to invent the music first and push the music to the level that I had to compete against it." Why he needs to compete with himself, no one's sure, but it definitely seems to work for him.
  5. On disguises. Most celebrities try and wear disguises when they go out in public, but not Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses fame. One of the best Axl Rose quotes is in regards to why he doesn't bother to dress up anymore. "But they can spot me there no matter what I'm wearing, so I don't even bother trying a disguise. They just assume that's my new look."
  6. On Queen. Queen was a legendary band and even impressed the like of Guns N' Roses frontman, Axl Rose. One of the best Axl Rose quotes about Queen is summed up in his excitement at the opportunity to work on a Queen-related project. "I always loved Queen, so that's very exciting for me."
  7. On touring. One of the hardest parts about doing shows, night after night, has to be choosing what kind of music to play during your sets. One of the best Axl Rose quotes describes his feelings about this and how he goes about selecting music for his different shows, "I can't say that there's any one song that I really look forward to doing; hopefully something will spark my emotion and I'll really have a good time."
  8. On technology. Ever wondered how some of the 80's artists are doing in the modern computer-savvy world? This great Axl Rose quote sums it up. "I'm not a computer-savvy or technical type of person, yet I'm involved with it everyday, so it takes me a while."
  9. On L.A. Being famous certainly has its drawbacks, one of which is a severe lack of privacy and personal freedom. Apparently Axl Rose finds L.A. passable, however. "Probably the easiest place for me to get around in is L.A."
  10. On Slash. You always hear about band problems and what causes them to break up or go their separate ways and pursue solo careers or other ventures. One of the best Axl Rose quotes embodies the struggle they had with legendary guitarist Slash. "We were trying to make things work with Slash for a very, very long time… about three and a half years."
  11. On his studio. One of the best Axl Rose quotes pertains to his music studio and it sums up the creative process for many artists. "Yeah, I have a full studio, and that causes me great pain and pleasure." Whatever works to continue kicking out the great tunes, Axl!  
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