10 Best B-Boy Songs Ever

Singling out the ten best B-Boy songs ever is near impossible. Full songs, unless created by sampling and blending techniques are very rarely used. Normally the parts of songs used for B-Boying or breaking (breakdancing) are the sections of the song where the beat breaks down. The DJ would loop this section of the song and add effects like scratching and blending to make a unique rhythmic creation for the B-Boys to get down to. Even songs that exist today, that are nothing more than a creative conglomerate of samples from other musical sources, have particular areas where the B-Boys and B-Girls will exhibit their dance moves. There are certain songs that are universally considered to be B-Boying songs, but any track manipulated the right way can be a hot track to dance to.

  1. "Time 4 Sum Akshun" This is the song that put Redman on the mainstream map. It's the flawless fusion of musical samples laced over a rough basement, underground beat that make this one of the best B-Boy songs ever. This song is the perfect tool for a DJ to manipulate which in turn makes it the perfect piece for breakers to get off on.
  2. "Life of The Party and Dancing Machine" Both songs were created by the Motown super group the Jackson 5. Once again, there are some awesome elements in these songs, that if manipulated correctly will inspire B-Boys to pull off some of their more tricky manuevers. Just listen to the beat break downs in these two tracks. A skillfull DJ can throw a clever drum pattern under the music in either track and create some real B-Boying masterpieces.
  3. "The Rapture" This is the song that made Blondie a household name. This creation had a great disco funk feel in the beat. Blondie's whispy voice over the track added to the magnetic feel of the track. This is one of the most sampled tracks ever, making it one of the best B-Boy jams.
  4. "Step Into A World" This heavily "Rapture" sampled piece of musical perfection is one of KRS One's most famous tracks. Everyone in hip-hop culture knows the musical exploits of the legendary KRS. This song adds to his legend. The beat hits so hard that a creative breaker can really put on a show.
  5. "Follow The Leader" Eric B. and Rakim. This song can be described in one word. Raw. Rakim, one of the best  MC's ever to touch a mic, rips up a fast paced beat heavy piece of genius by Eric B. The music creates a sense of unparalleled restlessness. A skilled breaker will kill this song. It's one of the best B-Boy song because it inspires a sense of dancing fire in its listener.
  6. "Looking For The Perfect Beat" This song was made for B-Boying. Created By Africa Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force, it's flawless. Simple as that. Listen to it. The perfect B-Boy track.
  7. "B-Boy Document" Another song specifically created for the breakers, the Hip Hop group Blackstar put it together. The complicated, repetitive, fast paced beat is a great medium for dancers to showcase their talents.
  8. "Beats Made to Break" The name of the song speaks for itself. The Chemical brothers created this jam. One of the best B-Boy songs ever, just like "Looking For The Perfect Beat", it has a heavy Electronica feel to it. It's a Pop lockers dream.
  9. "Intergalactic" This Beastie Boy creation is a wonderful mix of a hard hitting basement beat with futuristic Tron-like music over the beat. There's incredible scratching on the track as well. The fast pace of the song makes it an ideal piece to rock with.
  10. "Rock It" The creator of this song is known as one of the greatest jazz men of the 20th century. Herbie Hancock. "Rock It", released on the "Future Shock" album in 1983, is a complete breaker's song. It probably wasn't created with the thought that someone would be spinning on their head to it, but there's no song more suited for a B-Boy to go off! It features multiple beat changes while keeping a consistent rapid pace. It's an awesome track. Defintely a must hear joint.
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