10 Best Babe Ruth Home Runs

It’s not easy to pick out the 10 best Babe Ruth home runs, perhaps because he hit 714 of them over his amazing career. The Bambino was nicknamed the “Sultan of Swat” for a reason, and even nearly 100 years after his career had begun, he is celebrated as one of the most dominant sports personalities of all time.

  1. "Number 60". On September 30, 1927 Ruth stepped up to bat against Tom Zachary of the Washington Senators. This round-tripper, perhaps the best of the 10 best Babe Ruth home runs, was number 60 for the season, breaking his own record and being the target for all sluggers for decades.
  2. "No. 714". This one came in his final season, 1935. He hit three home runs this day, but perhaps what makes 714 one of the 10 best Babe Ruth home runs was the fact that he became the first player to hit a ball completely out of Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.
  3. "Welcome to Yankee Stadium". On April 18, 1923 the Yankees opened the season in “The House that Ruth Built” against the Boston Red Sox. The first home run hit in the stadium was by the Babe, one of the 10 best Babe Ruth home runs.
  4. "The called shot". Babe famously pointed into the outfield during the 1932 World Series versus the Chicago Cubs, supposedly showing pitcher Charlie Root where the ball was going to land. And there it landed.
  5. "All-Star game". In 1933, major league baseball played its first All-Star game, in Comiskey Park in Chicago. The first home run hit in that game, and in All-Star game history, was fittingly hit by Ruth, at the age of 38.
  6. "No. 139". This home run, one of the 10 best Babe Ruth home runs, set the career home run record in 1921 when he was just 26 years old.
  7. "Number 1". In 1915 one of the 10 best Babe Ruth home runs was hit off Jack Warhop. A number of things about this home run put it on the list: it was Babe’s first, up to that point he was known as a pitcher, and it came against the Yankees, the team with whom he’d make his legend.
  8. and 9…and 10.  "World Series power". These three home runs all came in one game–game four—of the 1928 World Series, which sealed a victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. Ruth also accomplished this feat in the 1926 Series, which the Yankees lost to the Cardinals.



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